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There is something very unique and special about blending the sounds of acoustic instruments and listening and feeling the sum of the vibrations. In this video 10 ways of playing the major scale with a student are offered
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We are the Champions analysis - Queen

1) PDF booklet (with many harmonic details etc not inlcuded in the video) which contains
a) the lead sheet with chord symbols
b) Roman numeral analysis grid- so you can understand the harmony and play in any key!
c) Piano written chords in treble and bass clef so you can see the construction of the chord symbols
d) written bar by bar analysis- the in depth analysis to work with
2) Keyboard Midi file of We are the champions- for you to listen/play along to and transpose

Pdf available here!

Essential Basic Harmony of Stevie wonder

This PDF booklet ( instant download ) contains the 7   Stevie Wonder  song  excerpt examples:

(Evil, Please Don't go, Lighting up the Candles, I believe, He's misstra Know it All, Happier than the morning sun)

Featured on the youtube video based on the essential to know  I I7 IV IV-  chord progression.

Pdf available here!

Soul Scale Exercises for Improvisation

These exercises have been designed to help the assimilation of the 'exotic' notes that Jazz and Blues players use to express themselves.

The Soul Scales are quite unique as they contain both major and minor 3rds!

Pdf available here!

Approach Note Exercises Bundle

1) The 1, 2 and 3   Note   introductory exercises PDF booklets in 12 keys 
2) The Approach  Note Dominant 7th Booklet
3)  The 12 jazz licks
4) The Donna Lee Approach note solo i
5) The Marty Paich one note approach note exercise in 12 keys

Pdf available here!
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