Michael Brecker inspired expansion warmup/practice exercises

Unexpectedly the other day I came across a very short video snippet of Michael Brecker warming up which inspired this video


Soul Scale Exercises for Improvisation

These exercises have been designed to help the assimilation of the essential 'exotic' notes that  top Jazz and Blues players use  seamlessly to express themselves. The Soul Scales are unique as they contain both Major and Minor 3rds - the Ying Yang of Music! 

These exercises will help train you to play and hear these fundamental sounds of Jazz and Blues

Pdf available here!

Approach Note Exercises Bundle

The Approach Note  Exercises bundle is  the first product of its kind, that offers  step by step exercises that  train you to add coherent, cool, jazzy  chromatic notes to your lines (the ones pros use!)

The Approach Note technique outlined here is such a tremendous system as it can be applied  in an infinite number of ways. The only limit  after having studied the system will be your imagination!

Pdf available here!
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