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The Art of Bebop Scales - course

There are bits and pieces of  information about  Bebop scales on the internet, but not one solid standalone resource

“Mastery of Bebop scales, will train you to play the cool chromatic notes the pros use in a “correct” way that will make your jazz playing sound more logical, coherent and convincing

Whether you’re a new or experienced Improviser, the ART of BEBOP SCALES will transform the way think about playing Jazz forever

"I have learned more from your publications than I ever did in three years of campus study at a major university in America"

Barry S. United States


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I was, and still am a non genius musician....

Who struggled for many years to find out the secrets of jazz improvisation. Throughout 40 years of playing, and obsessive investigation I have focussed on building systems of learning for my students so they can improve , and reach their learning goals with the highest probability and the least pain!

Here on this site you will find the learning resources I make every week that are created to inpire and help you along your learning journey.

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