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The innovative Pentatonic exercises in this digital PDF are designed to

open the users mind and ear to the world of possibilities of the Pentatonic scale.

Featured are unique fresh , challenging, spacious patterns, written to free you from the closed regular hackneyed pentatonic exercises  usually practiced.

As well, the included Mp3  files (see below) feature different chord possibilities on which to practice the patterns. Each different harmony evokes totally different sound emotions. This opens up a myriad of possibilities to the improvisor.

This download includes the Pdf's of the 9 shapes in the Video

in all keys + the 5 Mp3 files (6 to 9 minutes duration each one approx)

of the Piano backings in the video all in C minor concert

1) Minor Vamp

2) C-7 to Abmajor

3) Minor turn around

4) Major chord sequence

5) C-7 to Dbmaj7