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The Art of Bebop Scales (online course)

“The study of Bebop scales is imperative for the jazz student, akin to a rite of passage"

There are bits and pieces of  information about Bebop scales on the internet, but not ONE trustworthy resource that provides a standalone roadmap of study from basic fundamentals to advanced applications. That is until now!

Whether you’re a new or experienced Improviser, the ART of BEBOP SCALES  will transform the way think about playing Jazz forever.

 Table of contents here

 In Classical music conservatories students pore over the  4 part counter point of Bach´s chorales, learning the rules of voice leading.

Studying Bebop scales is the jazz equivalent of this discipline, as there are certain ways and conventions to use chromatic notes that  that the student of jazz must understand sooner or later.

Multiple deflelctions bebop scale


 🎥   80+ State of the Art video Multimedia Instruction Tutorials
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In this intense online course we go deeply in to the Bebop scale where no one has gone before! Everything you will ever need to know about chromatic voice leading in one place.

 The Art of Bebop Scales course is jam packed with information which will teach you how to effortlessly navigate the chord changes of Bebop tunes and Jazz standards like a true professional. No stone is left unturned!

Infinite Major Bebop line

Below are some of the things you will learn in the Art of Bebop course:

✅  Exponential and dramatic growth of your Bebop vocabulary

✅  How to apply all the above Bebop scales and techniques on to 8 standard Jazz progressions.

✅  The Melodic Minor Bebop + Dorian (Minor)Bebop scale

✅  The  Major + Dominant  Bebop scales

✅  How to “deflect” bebop lines - how to elongate Bebop lines by changing direction

✅  How to embellish bebop scales with 2, 3 and 4 note chromatic approaches 

✅  Longer Nine + Ten note Bebop scales- these more sophisticated scales will train you to voice lead like a pro as they are so highly chromatic.

✅  How to "rhythmicize" the Bebop Scale. Starting the Bebop scales on different beats of the bar (anticipation), and moving target notes to the off beats.

✅  How to use the correct Bebop scales on major and minor ii-7 V7 I progressions

✅  Altered and Minor 7b5 bebop scales

✅  Triplet + Eternal  Bebop Scales

Dominant Bebop with deflections


MODULE 1.In this first module we look at the 3 most common Bebop scales - Major, Dominant and  3 Types of Minors

MODULE 2.This second module features carefully designed exercises  featuring  the Major, Dominant and  various  Minor Bebop Scales from different degrees  for deep comprehension as well as cycle of 4th workouts.   

MODULE 3.Deflecting the Bebop Scale. In this module you will learn how to change the direction of the Bebop scale by deflecting it.  This is where the fun really starts!

MODULE 4. Approaching the Bebop Scale.  One of the most important things the student of jazz can do is to learn how to embellish chords with diatonic and chromatic notes”  and this is where Approach note technique comes in.

MODULE 5.Longer 9 + 10 Note Bebop Scales. Now we get in to starting the Bebop scales from Non chord tones This is the need to know information to sound like a pro!

MODULE 6.Rhythmicizing and Anticipating Bebop Scales. By playing around  and moving the Rhythm of the Bebop scales we can really create excitement and interest. 

MODULE 7.Bebop Scales applied to 8 Jazz Standards. This is the crème de la crèmeof the Course. In this Module you will study 8 specially written solos that feature the Bebop Scale. Tunes include : Cherokee, Take the A train, Donna Lee, What is this thing called love, Minor Blues and more!

MODULE 8. APPENDIX  -You will learn the following:

  • ii-7 V7 I major and minor versions
  • Altered Bebop scales
  • Triplet Bebop Scales
  • Infinite Bebop scales
  • Harmonising Bebop scales with chords
  • -7b5 Bebop scales 
  • Minor Scales revisited

"Every one of the 60+ tutorials contains a key concept central to Bebop scales that will inextricably move your playing to the a new, higher level."

  • You will feel empowered as you experience growth in your understanding
  • As you start to get these concepts under your fingers you will be have a sense of deep satisfaction.
  • This positive momentum of learning will fuel your motivation, inspiring you to deeper study and practice.

    Other Features of this Course:

    Living Notation  App - Follow along  and practice the lessons with the built in software that allows you to change speed, key, sound and much more that works on any device! Using the easy to use app is fantastic as everything is all one place (the sheet music and audio synced!)

    🖥 Hosted on the Thinkific course platform.  This means the information is presented in a crystal clear way in  organised modules for the best learning experience. 

    🎼 Concert, Bb, Eb, Bass Clef files included


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How does the course work?

    A. Once you purchase the  Art of Bebop scales course you will be given lifetime access to the exclusive video lessons, soundslice(living Notation) tutorials and downloads that have been meticulously prepared. You will be guided through the crystal clear step by step curriculum. By the end of the course you will have a deep understanding of Bebop scales.

    Q. How do I know the course is really good and trustworthy?

    Nick Homes is 100% dedicated to making Vanguard, Innovative learning resources that stand the test of time.  Read his mission statement here and check Jazzduets  review page here.

    Q. How long is the course?

    A. The minimum time to process and absorb all the information is estimated to be 4 months.  However considering the amount of material, perhaps a more realistic time frame is 6 months to a year. But there is no hurry.  You have lifetime access to the material so you can go at a pace that feels comfortable and works with your schedule.

     Q. What is included in the ART of BEBOP course?

    A. 🎥 80+ Multimedia  state of the Art video classes 📚  Step by Step Curriculum of 8 modules 🙂 Online at your own pace 🖥 Watch on all devices ⏰ Lifetime access  ⬇️ Downloadable files 

     Q. There is so much information, how will I keep organised and avoid feeling over whelmed?

    A. Nick has distilled a huge amount of information down in to 8 beautifully  organised Modules with a coherent and clear learning path. Each module contains a list of classes to complete with a specific order that aids comprehension. 

     Q. What level do I need to be able to use the course?

    A. The course is aimed at intermediate level players and beyond. The soundslice software allows you to slow down the audio examples so that really makes the material practice friendly.

    Q. Is the course instrument specific?

    A. No, the course is suitable for most instruments. Concert, Bb, Eb, are included.

    Q. What is the Sound Slice software mentioned?

    A. Soundslice  is a cutting edge software for learning music via interactive music notation. It  synchronises the audio to the score and allows you to slow down, loop, transpose and much more + it works on all devices! (You can always print all the music out as well if your prefer to)

     Q. Why is the price just $99 if there is so much included, what is the catch?

    A. The Art of Bebop Scales course is packed with a huge amount of information that Nick has carefully and meticulously distilled down and put together over many years. To teach this quantity of information to a private student would take at least 40 classes. Even at a teaching rate of USD $40 per hour that is USD$1600💲💲💲

    Nick wanted more students to gain access this knowledge so that is why it is at $99

     Q. Can I take the class from anywhere?

    A. Yes, absolutely! The classes are available online so you can take the course from anywhere using any device. Study from home or on the go!