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84 Bebop licks digital Download (All Instruments plus Guitar Version)

 Build  Your Jazz Vocabulary with the juiciest , tried and tested licks directly from the great Jazz continuum whilst working on your technique!

In this new Jazzduets resource Cool Bebop licks starting on the following degrees (Root, 3rd, 5th, b7, 9th, 6th, 4th, b3, #4, b6, b9)  are in abundance here strengthening the technique, ear and musical understanding.

The 84 (2016 in total) Licks here are drenched with

  • Classic Jazz vocabulary directly from the Jazz continuum
  • Approach notes, Triad pairs and Chromatic notes

This resource has been designed and conceived for you to be able to use WITHOUT a teacher.

It includes 4 Mp4 tutorial videos

Use the saxophone demonstrations  (fast and slow) to train your ear how the licks sound and to play along with daily!

Features of the  246 page PDF

  • Short analysis in F, G and D of every lick so you can see the logic behind each one 
  • Suitable for all instruments (Bb, Eb, Concert and Bass)
  • contains the 84 licks in all 12 keys ( 2016 licks in total)
  • Tab version in F  

Features of the Mp3 tracks

  • slow and fast play alongs in 12 keys
  • slow and fast saxophone demonstrations for you to practice with in the main F concert key

 ALSO included Guitar Pro file that you can use to practice with, change thesound,speed andkeyto your hearts content!

Bebop lick Tutorial #1 Licks starting on the Root

This resource is guaranteed to keep you busy for months! 

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Timothy P.
United States United States


I wish all of your video were like this one the analysis and demo of each phrase is a amazing tool that is worth twice the price of admission . Maybe you could have that feature as option for a bit more for those of us who are newbies ….. BRO I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS !

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Easy to use and interesting to play

These short lively exercises (riffs) have already improved my sight-reading and my feel for Jazz.



Hi Charles, Thanks for the review. Best. Jazz Duets

A Jazzduetshop Customer
michel e.
France France

Bebop licks

Thanks for all the melodic phrases on dominant chords with guitar accompaniment. I feel it's very good for tonal training. I will tell you more after some months to practice with them

Detlef W.
Germany Germany

Fantastic licks to learn improvise

It makes so much fun to work with the licks

david G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Pure Music!

Great - I am learning lots from a dedicated musician.

Herbert C.
United States United States

84 BeBop Licks

I’m having a lot of fun and enjoyment with this collection. I also play a little bass, so I get a chance to practice the exercises on bass.

Eugene P.
United States United States

84 bebop licks

For me, this is the best benefiting info I’ve received! Bravo, I love it, I can’t put it down! my practicing, that is!!!!

James C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Bebop licks

Great purchase which I’m already using with my pupils .

Paul W.
Canada Canada

Good stuff

I love the content, it is well laid out, and the accompanying notes are simple and to the point, but still illuminating. The emphasis is on being able to understand what is happening, not just to 'cop licks'. In other words, a proper pedagogical approach. The sound files are also of a high quality, and make practising fun. Will definitely purchase more (in fact I already have!)

A Jazzduetshop Customer
Neil W.
United States United States

.. BeBop Licks

.. I'm extremely Thrilled with this Materias .. Very Easy to Understand .. Stellar Presentation ..



Hi Neil! Thanks! I hope you are finding it beneficial and the ideas sinking into your playing. Best , Jazz Duets.

Ryan S.
United States United States

Killer licks!

A treasure trove of killer licks! You will not be disappointed

Dave G.
United States United States

I like the format that I can play along with you, and I can work separately on sight-reading for the guitar. It's also educational for me to hear your subtle phrasing and rhythm, It's easy to lose sight of legato playing when I'm scrambling to play at tempo, Thanks for another great product focused on students. Thanks too, for so quickly correcting the download issue that I experienced. Dave



Hi Dave Thanks for the review!

United States United States

If you want to play bebop jazz - just get it. NOW! :) (You'll be glad you did!)

After learning half of the 84 bebop licks on this download, I feel I can write an informed review of this product. In a word: AWESOME! These are authentic bebop licks - using all the classic bop techniques, like chromaticism, encirclement, arpeggiation, target notes, bebop scale, etc. You can learn a lot about how to construct your own bebop licks. just by mechanically memorizing even just a quarter of these 84 licks. They are also just plain great licks - just check out the video to hear them (dig it)! I own other books with bebop licks (including the classics, like the Aebersold, Baker, etc.), but I think this package is the best of them for the sheer quality of the licks. (For example, unlike the Aebersold "II-V7-I Progression" book which has some really corny lines - like literally just basic arpeggios of the chords across the II-V-I ... which you wouldn't use in real life - all of Nick's 84 licks are solid, real, useful, cool, tasty licks you can use in actual performance.) One thing I like about Nick's licks (and which tells me these licks are well-thought out) are that they are very easy to take apart and make them your own. The licks are two bars, but pretty much most or all of them can easily be broken down into two one-bar licks. What that means is that you can take the first bar of one lick and connect it to the second bar of another lick. Some combos work better than others, of course, but that's where your own musical taste and creativity comes in. Some of the licks feel like variations of each other, and that gives you ideas on how to make your own licks from these licks. I plan on learning all 84 licks eventually, but honestly I feel like I already have plenty of material with 42, so currently working on mastering these all over the fretboard (I'm playing guitar). And like I said, you could learn half of that - 21 - and if you can play these licks across all the keys, you can solo to any jazz standard. If you're a guitarist like me, be sure to learn each lick all over the fretboard - you want to be able to play each lick in different shapes and places, because when you're in the middle of a solo, you have to be able to effortlessly spell out a lick from wherever your hand happens to be on the board, you don't necessarily have time to reset (and taking time to reset your hand over the board means your brain strays from the solo line in your head, too). I haven't used the guitar tabs to this package to learn the licks, so can't comment directly on them, but I'm sure they're good. Just be sure to also try different ways to play each lick yourself, because you may find another way better for you, or because you may have to play that lick in a different shape than that one way, due to your hand placement over the fretboard at the time. When it comes to playing a lick, the more different ways you know to play it, the merrier - especially when you're on the stage having to come up with lick after lick! I feel like I've made some real progress in my bebop playing by studying these licks. If you're willing to put in the time (like with any lesson, really), I think you will, too!



Hi Reg! Thanks for taking the time in writing this review! It makes us very happy to know that you have enjoyed this material. Best. Jazz Duets.

Nathanael S.
United States United States

Fun Licks to Learn

While I have no idea how to merge these licks into my improvisation (something I struggle with a lot), they are extremely fun licks to learn and you will have enough material to last you awhile. I'm learning 10-20 at a time and them going to learn them in all of the keys I play in the most before moving on. I really enjoy sitting and learning them and playing them in a call/answer on the backing track.

david g.
France France

84 bebop

Super licks for jazz funk latin etc!!!can you help me How can i learn all this licks without sheet music? Thanx u Nick for ur great work

Linda P.
Italy Italy


Very good experience