Meticulously prepared online video courses for a seamless, stress free jazz improvisation learning journey.

Each one has a different focus and learning goal - but they all have one thing in common:

Keeping you inspired whilst practicing sometimes profound and challenging jazz theory!

My most advanced, all-level online video courses & downloadable courses

These courses are the `flagship´ Resources of Jazzduets, tested and tried by many and constantly improved. You should enroll if:

• You play an instrument and want the solid and broad musical foundationneeded to improvise Jazz and Blues
• You are hungry to know and practice the secret exotic jazz notes the greats use
• You are looking for a tried and tested study method that will take you closer to your goals
• You are looking for an abundance of material to keep you busy for literally years
• You are looking for a deep dive in to the secrets of learning improvisation

Handcrafted Video & Online Courses for better Jazz improvisation!


Hi, my name is Nick Homes, musician, saxophonist, educator and musical mentor.

I was, and still am a non genius musician who struggled for many years to find out the secrets of jazz playing. Throughout 35 years of playing, and obsessive investigation I have focussed on building systems of learning for myself and students so they can improve , and reach their goals with the highest probability.

My learning journey

In 2005 I moved to Argentina, as I was looking to submerge myself in new sounds and experiences. It was difficult at 39 to learn a new language from scratch. At times I felt stupid , confused and that the task was simply too big, and these feelings were sometimes exacerbated when people criticised my efforts at speaking that had cost me so much hard work.

Little did I realise at the time , but this whole experience was perfect training for what I do today- which is to teach the language of Jazz. You see I don´t want anyone to feel the frustration I felt learning spanish.

Improvising for me should be as easy and as natural as speaking a language. 

In English we ‘play’ an instrument. In Spanish, the verb is ‘tocar’ - to touch. I like the English version so much more ☺ Music for me should always be playful, fun, a blast!

Even when the musical mood is serious, it can still be enjoyable. That has been my fundamental motto in preparing the resources on this site.