About - Jazz Duets
Hi, thanks for visiting my site. I'm Nick Homes and I write, play and teach music.
This website gives me the opportunity to share the ideas and material I have amassed on my musical journey so far of some 35+ years.
One of the main purposes of music for me, is that it makes you feel good.  I have always been passionately interested in incorporating this idea in to teaching and the music I write and play.


In the 80's I studied at Berklee College of Music where I was was able to immerse myself in my special love, Jazz and Improvisation. It took what seems like ages afterwards to find my own 'voice' after having been some what 'processed' through the Berklee production line!

In 2005 I moved to  Buenos Aires, Argentina when I was 39 as I could see myself doing the same things in London for the ‘second half of my life’. I had seen  someone my age close to me perish with cancer and I woke suddenly up to how ephemeral  life is.

My first 2 years in Buenos Aires were tough - the process of learning spanish as an adult from zero was a baptism of fire and humiliating. It took 6 months to string the most basic phrases together and 2 years to be able to just about follow a conversation.

However, I now believe this was an amazing, humbling life experience that I would like to think has made me a better teacher and given me a wider perspective...

After 3 years of  hectic  city life I moved to one of the poorest provinces in Argentina, a remote northern area called La Rioja seeking more tranquility for my family and Soul.

In La Rioja apart from running a private music school, I started  to write music, mostly duets.  I became sort of addicted  at recording and improving them.

In  2016 as way of therapy I started the 'Jazzduets' Youtube channel as a place to share some of the discoveries etc that I have picked up on my travels.

I am very passionate now about connecting emotions with my music teaching.

My motto is to Educate, Amuse and Inspire.  I just want to share as much as possible whilst I can.