Hi, my name is Nick Homes, musician, saxophonist, educator and musical mentor. My main speciality is developing improvisational practice resources that inspire and bring the student closer to achieving their goals.

I was born in Essex, England and studied trumpet at school some what academically from a very young age. However, it was not until the age of 12 when I suddenly discovered Jazz that I became mesmerised with the idea of improvisation.  At 14 I led my first Jazz band and started rehearsing every week with the prestigious Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra which was an amazingly rich experience. At age 15 my life changed for ever when I saw Saxophonist Barbara Thompson play at Ronnie Scotts - the famous Jazz Club in Soho, London.

At 18 Incredibly motivated to learn everything about Jazz and Improvisation, I travelled Boston to study at the Berklee College of Music. 

After 4 years of intense study in the United States I moved to London where I was able to live and play music day and night in all different types of bands with some  brilliant musicians. At this time I recorded 7 Cds of original music with such wonderful musicians as Asaf Sirkis, Mike Outram, and Bryn Lewis of the LSO.

It was during this period that I started giving music classes which I still continue to enjoy doing as I find the activity so rewarding and nourishing.

Over the years I have been enjoyed playing Jazz, Funk, Blues Rock, Bossa Nova, and Classical music. As well I have been fascinated by technology and the possibilities it offers the musician to create and experiment endlessly. For more than 30 years I have had a recording studio in my house where I spend most of my time, composing, practicing, discovering, writing arrangements and of late preparing my instructional videos.

I made a life changing decision 15 years ago that opened up my way of thinking about music that led to unimaginable experiences : I decided emigrate to Argentina, the country where my wife composer Ana Robles comes from. I lived the first years in the great sprawling conurbation of Buenos Aires, then the isolated poor northern province of La Rioja (where my wife is from) and now in the beautiful outskirts of Cordoba in the centre of the country.

Living abroad for me is such a stimulating experience, as I continue to learn and absorb a new diverse culture: new sounds, music, flavours, new friends, celebrations and a new way of life. These years in South America I feel fortunate to have experienced for example the Pachamama ceremony, the Chaya festival, the Ritual of the Sunday Asado, solidarity and a new love for nature and outdoor life. As well I have had to learn live with the rampant inflation of Argentina (80% this year) ,  and somehow this has influenced me to focus on living in the moment.

 Immersing myself in this new culture I needed to learn a language as well - Spanish, so as to be able to communicate and survive!  By going through the challenging experience of learning a language as an adult, I now appreciate the significance of learning something starting from scratch later in life already grownup, feeling perhaps like a child somehow in the process.

Here in Argentina I started to develop new methods of teaching improvisation.  I know how it feels, the anxiety of long hours dedicated to practice without noticeable progress, the stress of uncertainty, the reduced amount of study time, and for that my aim has been to devise clear systems of teaching that shed light and illuminate rather than create confusion and doubt.

The methods of study on Harmony, Rhythm, Improvisation that I have created tackle technical questions but also include the Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions.

I love incorporating ideas and concepts that go further than just music. What I propose is a new way to experience learning music so that everyone can progress at their own pace, letting the heart, mind and emotions soar, just like the great musicians do!

Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you will enjoy the material that I offer. Please feel free to contact me with questions or queries you may have.

This is so much more than just music!