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Approaching Pentatonic scales chromatically Digital Download

Have you ever wanted a method to help you incorporate cool,  Jazzy, Chromatic notes in to your Improvisations in a coherent way?

If the answer yes then the Chromatic Approach System could be your holy grail!

This innovative and unique resource combines 2 cutting edge improvisational systems to stunning effect  providing the improvisor with the tools to take their playing to a much higher level.

This is  system that you can learn , rely on, Understand then master and use creatively in a myriad of ways?

 The approaches are presented in an understandable step by step way, making the perhaps complex material easier to assimilate.

Features of this new digital PDF:

  • 70 page featuring one, two, three and four note Approach notes Approaching the Minor Pentatonic scale.
  • Suitable and written for Concert, Bb, Eb and Bass instruments
  • Creative Exercises meticulously  written to facilitate the assimilation of each Chromatic Approach in a real life creative way.
  • Specially written Youtube study included that is packed full of killer pentatonic lines full of chromatic approach notes
  • Section of Double Note Approaches exercises in 12 keys
  • Notated Funk, Jazz, Tango, Blues and Brazilian Chorinho examples of Approaches  demonstrated in the Youtube video. 

Mp3 audio files Included:

  • Multiple specially recorded Funky play alongs by real musicians in 4 speeds (92, 104, 111 and 125 bpm) provide you with the tools you need to practice at the speed you are comfortable with.
  • Multiple keys 
  • Mp3 Saxophone demonstrations  of all the material
  • Funk, Blues, Jazz, Tango and Chorinho examples included (Sax demonstrations and Play along backings)

 The chromatic approach note system is so powerful as you can apply it literally to any popular style creatively!

   Turbo charge your improvisations once and for all!

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    Leonardo d.
    Brazil Brazil

    Chromatically approuching pentatonic

    Very good material , althought its necessary for guitar players to have TABs for it

    JOSE I.
    Mexico Mexico

    Expandir tus pentatonicas

    Ayuda a dominar mas tus escalas y llevarlas a un nivel superior

    Tom R.
    Sweden Sweden

    Infinite patience brings immediadiate results

    An old saying from Confucius 551 BC. Quote: ''When the student is ready to learn the teacher appears''.Being a musician most of my life.One of the most important things is to listen to everyone that can inspire you.Even if you have heard it all before.As time goes by someone will inspire you to think another way or an apporach to view it.These studies will help you to create other possibilities .Have fun.

    Gary F.
    United States United States

    Pentatonic shapes

    Love the fact that that it’s written in bass clef as well~ thank you

    Gavin S.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Chromatic Approaches to Pentatonic Scales: Lots to get my Teeth Into

    I have only had this Digital Download for a week and I am already noticing a change in my practice habits. The systematic approach spelt out in this deceptively short book will require me to put in many more days/months of practice before I have it under my fingers. However, it has already helped me to understand how to take my vamp soloing to the next level. The text is clear (and clear-sighted) and the funk play-a-longs are extremely useful. Bravo!

    Fabrice T.
    United States United States

    A must for advanced musicians.

    I’m a “living room” Jazz guitar player and your work is an inspiration. I use your approach as a first step to my own solo creations. In all honesty, I do not read music and it is quite a challenge to decipher some of the work. However, the phrasing exercises are attainable when one takes the time to listen carefully and practice! Thanks and keep us Jazz guitar players in mind. Regards,

    Patrick W. Doran
    United States United States

    You can never stop studying

    Dear Nick, Greetings from Detroit. Thank you for your efforts to share your ideas and knowledge that can help musicians grow and improve their craft. There is no substitute for putting the work in.

    komeno k.
    Japan Japan

    Cool and powerfull !

    Very useful and interesting excersize. Good material to learn pentatonic scale and also adlib.

    Dwight H.
    United States United States

    Expand your versatility

    My recent purchase of Chromatic Approach of Pentatonic Scales has provided an upgrade in my musicality that was not only painless, it was fun . It helped me discover something that was already there, but not utilized . I'm a complete devotee to Nick � . D Holt.

    Samuel Z.
    France France


    great really, the best jazz lesson i've ever had

    Guenther M.
    Germany Germany

    Chromatically Approaching Pentatonic Scales

    Hi Nick, thank you very much for your ticket to ride. Now it's up to me to see how far I can get with it. I’m very excited! 1

    Robert G.
    Germany Germany

    Very useful exercises

    These are patterns that I will be able to use in my jammming. I am looking forward to getting fluid with them.

    Andreas R.
    Sweden Sweden


    Thanks for another great lesson! And the guitar tabs are much appreciated. //Andreas Rydman

    Ryan R.
    United States United States

    If you really want to get out of the box, don’t learn from a guitarist.

    I’ve been playing for my entire life. Learning different approaches from a woodwind players as a whole is the best way to really open up the fingerboard applying what you think you know to a whole other level. This exercise gets you there FAST!

    David A.
    United States United States

    Stretches Your Ears and Your Technique

    As a guitarist, I found this course interesting, technically challenging, fun, and creative. I especially appreciated the guitar tab. The fretboard is complicated, and this showed me one way of approaching the exercises. With that in mind, I was able to apply the same ideas to all forms of the pentatonic scale. The backing tracks are very useful. They are presented in multiple tempi, but I was also able to generate slower versions with widely available software. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this together!

    Maurus F.
    Germany Germany

    Approaching Pentatonic scales chromatically

    excellent, thank you