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Improve your Ears, Theory and Improvisation. The Triad Pair exercises provide you with deep thorough multiple aspect training


This Course if for


Suitable for Intermediate to Advanced Students and lovingly prepared for all treble note instruments



Course Features


Beautifully designed online creative improvisation course with

a Step-by-step curriculum


Deep meditational, encyclopedic dive in to world of Minor sounds and moods


Crystal Clear Tutorials and Exercise suitable for all Treble instruments + Tab


Videos on how to best use the package + demonstrations of practicing the Triad Pair combinations and shapes


9+ Hours of play alongs (all keys and with grooves)


1716 Exercises (11 shapes x13 Triad Pair combinations x12 keys) grouped in minor key centres


1716 exercises

Specially prepared exercises crafted to inspire and foment creativity


Innovative learning

Learn to mix sounds like a painter mixes colours! The way you think about improvisation will never be the same.

9 hours of Recorded MP3s

Multiple practice drones in multiple styles + keys with beautiful Percussion specially recorded by ace Mario Gusso


Quick reference guide

Easy to understand, at a Glance guide. Digest all the theory in one place

Are you ready to take your skills in jazz improvisation to a new level?
To say goodbye to frustration and hello to an ultra cool, modern sounding concept
that will make you sound like a pro

This is what you get!



- Tips on how to use the included resources

- What is the Triad Pair system in depth tutorial

- 13 video demonstration Tutorials (one video per Triad combination)

- 10 essential Tips to help you get the best out of the 1716 exercises

- 11 Shapes videos. A closer look at each of the 11 featured melodic shapes

- Miles Davis Triad Pair Masterclass

- Steve Wonder Triad Pair Masterclass


INCLUDED PDF resources


- 12 PDFS (one per key) each contains 143 exercises

- Quick glance reference guide - compact, easy to understand over view

- Summed scales. This PDF sums each triad pair, creating new scales

- How are the triads chosen, which will help you create your own

- Miles Davis Pdfs (Bb Blues, Minor blues and suspended Blues)


INCLUDED Mp3 files(9 hours+)


- 12 minor drones (ONE per key) for deep immersive practice

- 96 Mp3 specially recorded Rhythmic Tracks in different styles x12 keys

- Miles Davis Video play alongs and solo Demonstrations




The headphones are great, very light and the sound quality is impressive.

- Kevin Smith

Quick turnaround

Great apple product for a very competitive price. Ordering online was a breeze and I was able to collect within 2 days of placing my order.

- Luke Johnson

Love them

Be careful with them as they can easily get lost and fall into random places as they're very small.

- Jenny Black

Video Samples from the Video Course

Shape 1 Demonstration Possibilities

In this first video of eleven, Jazzduets demonstrates different creative ways to practice Triad shape 1

C minor and D major Combinations

In this 6th of 13 Triad Pair videos we look at the amazing sounds produced when we mix C minor and D major triads

Tip 4 How to practice the Triad Pairs

In this third video example from the course, we focus on adding appogiaturas to practicing triad pairs.

Shape 1 demonstration possibilities

Shape 1 Demonstration possibilities

In this first video of eleven, Jazzduets demonstrates different creative ways to practice Triad shape 1

C minor and D major Triad pair combinations

C minor and D major Triad 'Satie' pair combinations

In this 6th of 13 Triad Pair videos we look at the amazing sounds produced when we mix C minor and D major triads

Tip 4 How to practice the Triad Pairs

Tip 4 How to practice the Triad Pairs

Experienced Jazz Player & Teacher

Nick Homes

Hi, my name is Nick Homes, musician, saxophonist, educator and musical mentor. Throughout 35 years of playing, and obsessive investigation I have focussed on building systems of learning for myself and students so they can improve and reach their goals with the highest probability.


My Youtube channel Jazzduets (250,00 subs) is where I  share my systems of learning and personal insights in to music.


"Mixing triad pairs is a different approach to improvisation like painting sound colours. No need to worry about voice leading from tone to tone. This approach can be thought of as a MACRO improvisational system where you will learn to combine shades and tints of sounds that add different feelings and emotions to your improvisations…"-Nick



Ready to take your improvisation to the next level?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • 100% money back guarantee within 24 hours into the course if you are not happy!


  • You will leave this course with adeep understanding of thiscolossally important Improvisational system


  • Say goodbye to frustration and hello to an ultra cool, modern sounding concept


  • 1716 exercises! An abundance of practice material


  • Lifetime access to video lessons, course material, pdf's & audio files


  • Learn an improvisation sytem where there are NO WRONG notes!

The Encyclopedic Deep Dive

If you want a deep dive in to the world of Triad pairs? Read on.


The Thesaurus of Minor Triad Pairs has been designed to be the most in-depth course that teaches the amazing Triad Pairimprovisational system.


In contrast to the stand alone Jazzduets resources, (shown on the right) the Triad Pairs Thesaurus is an online video course.


The step by step curriculum features crystal clear video tutorials, Pdfs featuring 1716 exercises and9+ hours of play long materials.


"Just like a chef adds special ingredients to a dish to produce mouth-watering flavours you can learn to colour your improvisations in a masterful way by superimposing triads, taking your playing rapidly to a higher level"

Stand alone Triad Pair resources

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide answers to your most asked.

How do I access the course?

After purchasing you will be sent an email that contains a link directing you

to sign up on the amazing Thinkific platform. More detailed instructions will be found in the email.

what level do I need?

To be able to play all the exercises you need to be able to already play the minor scales in 12 keys

However, you can enjoy the course with less information by just selecting the keys you just know are already familiar with,

and build from there at your own pace.


Can I view the lesson content on my tablet or
mobile device?

Yes! The videos can be viewed on any device as long as you are connected to the internet. They are streamed from a private server in
High Definition and can be watched an unlimited number of times. The PDF´s and MP3 tracks can be downloaded and stored on your own devices.

Does My Access Ever Expire?

You will have life time access to the videos, play alongs and Pdf files.

You can use the material as a resource for the rest of your musical career.


Is There a Guarantee or Refund Policy?

We want you to be happy so we offer a 72 hours money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Just send Jazzduets a message and we will refund your 100% entire purchase price.

In some cases, depending on the payment method or affiliation, we must deduct a payment fee ( approx 2.5%) from the refund, but we will inform you about this beforehand!

Does it matter what instrument I play?

The Thesaurus is for all Treble instrument instruments - Saxophone, Piano, Guitar, Flute, Clarinet, Violin etc.

Even though the demonstrations are on the Saxophone, the materialhas been carefully prepared to suit the ranges of ALL treble instruments. (Bass parts coming soon)

What is the time commitment of the course?

The course never ends! It is self-paced so you decide when you start and when you finish.

Some of the musical concepts will be instantly digestible and applicable and

others will take weeks, months and even years to incorporate fully. This is a journey!


Will I get Feed Back From Jazzduets?

You will be learning from Nick during the video classes but the feedback will come from your fellow classmates during the course.

Each class has a discussion tab, where you can chat, upload and share videos and Mp3 files etc.

Reviews ★★★★

What customers say about the course.

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"Improve your Ears, Theory and Improvisational Skills at the same time!"

Nick Homes