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John Coltrane Pentatonic- exercises/theory digital download.

In this resource we take 5 notes John Coltrane played on his stunningly lyrical solo on  'Wise One ' from his Classic 'Crescent' album and use them to construct  an abundance of fresh, inspiring challenging practice material.

This 'new' 5 note Pentatonic is unique as it features the optimistic Natural 6thand the emotional 9th of the minor (unlike the traditional minor Pentatonic), making it perhaps more exotic and unusual.

The unexpected melodic shapes the Coltrane Pentatonic note yield provide a wealth of challenging material for the player who hungry for new sounds.

The most amazing thing about the John Coltrane pentatonic though is the number of chords over which it can be played! 

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Learning how to superimpose this Pentatonic scale over multiple  chords will take your playing and improvisation to a higher level.

 This  Digital download is suitable for C, Bb and Eb instruments +bass parts 

 The instant digital download contains a  48 page PDF and 16 Mp3 files + Midi files of the video examples.

Features of the PDF are:

  • 11 meticulously written brand new  Pentatonic shape exercises in all 12 keys  (suitable for all instrument ranges except bass)
  • All the musical examples  seen in the video notated for C, Bb and Eb (Bb and Eb in separate PDF) + Bass Clef
  • Theoretical explanations  in concert of  a) Eternal Chord progression  b) Minor Turnaround, c) A7 to D- example and chord substitutions d) Wise one Solo

 The Mp3  play along files included are:

  • 12 Minor drones
  • The 6  examples shown in the original video ( Eternal Scale, Impressions/So what (slow and fast), Minor Turnaround, A7 to D- + chord substitution version and Wise One solo chords.


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France France
Un bon outil pour travailler

Une bonne méthode pédagogique, permettant de s'approprier cette gamme pentatonique à la sauce Coltrane. J'espère qu'il sera proposé un jour la même approche avec la Paul Desmond ;)

Giovanni P.
Italy Italy
John Coltrane Pentatonic- exercises/theory digital download.

Hi guys, I've purchased this fantastic course a few days ago and I can't stop practicing. It's super clear and super fun to play! :-)

Igmar A.
Spain Spain
John Coltrane pentatonic scale

Very good and interesting experience

David H.
United States United States
Coltrane Pentatonics

Just getting started on it. Quite amazing. Good package. Thanks!

Francisco J.
Spain Spain
John Coltrane Pentatonic

Excellent. Good buy.

Ron B.
United States United States
Coltrsne Pentatonics on Giant Stepd

I love this. Simplifies GS with Minor Pentatonic exercises that are easily expanded to almost any Standard tune. Justvrun the modes of pentatonic scales and you have a whole world to choose from. Great book

Eugene P.
United States United States
Colt rain’ pentatonic

Excellent, I play bass and it’s definitely high sophisticated ammunition for short brief improvs on my gigs! Thanks

Devlin M.
United States United States
Fun Stuff!

The Coltrane Pentatonics are great! I am playing them on guitar and they seem to be placed well on the neck. They are a great value. Forget wasting time with transcendental meditation, you get the same benefit from playing this stuff. Save the money on yoga classes and eating healthy food too. this covers it all for 20 bucks! The notes will put you in a state of bliss.

David A.
Ireland Ireland
Excellent tutorials.

I bought the JohncoltranePentatonics, the Soul Scale and 33 Blues chorus’s tutorials. Its a wealth of information presented in a very logical and concise way. Its already opened my ears to some new sounds and approaches. I am very impressed ! Thank you and keep up the great work David Ayers

Rita T.
United States United States

I love it! Great job in putting this out there! I am very pleased and happy I made the purchase!

Per K.
United States United States

Great! Material is very well put together. Definitely worth the money spent.

william b.
United States United States
very good practice tool

a very well laid out approach to practicing pentatonic scales in the classic style of coltrane. simple and understandable, a new way of approaching coltrane’s characteristic approach to harmony and improvisation that you can easily incorporate into your own playing.

Dave &.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

easy to use site and e commerce system, great ebook and MP3s tanks

giuseppe z.
Italy Italy
John Coltrane Pentatonic

Very interesting!

Steve C.
United States United States
a very good value

I've just begun digging into the Coltrane pentatonic material--but I've already found it to open up my imagination for new tone colors! I'm taking my time, and enjoying the way it's gotten me out of a rut in my soloing. (Background: 50+ years playing electric bass professionally.)

Oleg S.
Germany Germany
Super book

Very good training super book . Thank you very much.