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Pentatonic Studies on Giant Steps + Reverse Giant Steps

 Do you want to unleash THE  huge POTENTIAL of superimposing pentatonics on top of different chord types? 

Look no further!

The new Pentatonic studies on Giant steps ebook features  44 specially designed  exercises that  will  closely acquaint you with the amazing  and  almost  limitless   sounds possibilities  the pentatonic scale produces  when superimposed artfully  on the intricate  Giant Steps chord progression.

Immerse yourself in the techniques that luminaries such as Coltrane and McCoy Tyner mastered.

This ebook provides insights into the methods they employed to infuse their improvisations with profound richness and unparalleled beauty. Simultaneously, you'll refine your harmonic acumen and enhance your technical finesse.

The new download features the following:

  • 54 page PDF of original meticulously prepared Pentatonic exercises in 4/4, 3/4, 5/4, 7/4 time that range in diversity from guide tones, to rapid 'fluid' versions + famous tunes being superimposed.
  • 5 versions of the PDF (Concert, Bb, Eb, Guitar tabs and Bass)
  • Each exercise is accompanied by guidance practice notes/anecdotes/ wisdom+ tips
  • Multiple  midi Mp3 play alongs in different tempos, grooves and sounds.
  • Deluxe specially recorded 'real life'  play alongs
  • Mp3 demonstrations of ALL examples played by Jazzduets 
  • 14 minute Theory Mp4 video (not available on youtube) that fully explains the theory of what pentatonic to play over each different Chord change 
  • Exercises and play alongs on a Special 20 bar Eternal Version of the giant steps chords in 8th's, 16th's, triplets, 16th note triplets and + the 32nd note shred version.
  • PDF Includes mind-blowing harmonic secret inside giant steps you can use as a hack to play on these challenging chord changes.

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Once YOU KNOW the technique of superimposing penatonics  over different chords you will easily be able to apply it to a myriad of harmonic situations and  leverage the Pentatonic information you probably already know by a factor of 10!