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Pentatonic Studies on Giant Steps + Reverse Giant Steps Download

 Do you want to unleash THE  huge POTENTIAL of superimposing pentatonics on top of different chord types? 

Look no further!

The new Pentatonic studies on Giant steps ebook features  44 specially designed  exercises that  will  closely acquaint you with the amazing  and  almost  limitless   sounds possibilities  the pentatonic scale produces  when superimposed artfully  on the chords of giant steps.

Learn and harness the technique the  great modal players like coltrane and mccoy Tyner  used too  to imbue their improvisations with such depth and beauty whilst expanding your harmonic prowess and strengthening your technique.

The new download features the following:

  • 54 page PDF of original meticulously prepared Pentatonic exercises in 4/4, 3/4, 5/4, 7/4 time that range in diversity from guide tones, to rapid 'fluid' versions + famous tunes being superimposed.
  • 5 versions of the PDF (Concert, Bb, Eb, Guitar tabs and Bass
  • Each exercise is accompanied by guidance practice notes/anecdotes/ wisdom+ tips
  • Multiple  midi Mp3 play alongs in different tempos, grooves and sounds.
  • Deluxe specially recorded 'real life'  play alongs
  • Mp3 demonstrations of ALL examples played by Jazzduets 
  • 14 minute Theory Mp4 video (not available on youtube) that fully explains the theory of what pentatonic to play over each different Chord change 
  • Exercises and play alongs on a Special 20 bar Eternal Version of the giant steps chords in 8th's, 16th's, triplets, 16th note triplets and + the 32nd note shred version.
  • PDF Includes mind-blowing harmonic secret inside giant steps you can use as a hack to play on these challenging chord changes.

Note. If you wish to purchase this with a credit card please proceed to the JazzDuets parallel site here: 

Once YOU KNOW the technique of superimposing penatonics  over different chords you will easily be able to apply it to a myriad of harmonic situations and  leverage the Pentatonic information you probably already know by a factor of 10!


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    A Jazzduetshop Customer
    Steve B.
    France France

    Loads of great new things to explore, and I didn't have to learn a new scale!

    I'm having so much fun with this. It has given me some great new things to play, given me new avenues to explore. I have already taken some of the ideas and applied them to other songs. Thanks for the inspiration Mark!

    Yen N.
    Australia Australia

    Scales and improvise

    I would like practice on the guitar.

    Andrea D.
    Italy Italy

    Great book

    The book delivers a great amount of concepts to play. Thanks to Nick for writing such an excellent product.

    B. B.
    Germany Germany

    This book is a great choice.

    Just began working my way through this book and am enjoying the exercises. It helps me to make sense of things I'm used to knowing but have never quite understood musically. Rich variations of Giant Steps gives you a feel for different styles of playing. Great! I recommend it as its pushes (me) forward.

    Carlos G.
    Spain Spain

    Pentatonic Studies Giant Steps

    Un material muy interesante, de verdad, muy buen trabajo. El acabado final es lo que no me gusta, al imprimirlo en bastantes páginas los pentagramas se quedan muy pequeños, un poco difícil de leer, sin embargo hay suficiente espacio en blanco para poderlo haber hecho más grande. Añado unas fotos para que se me entienda

    Jazzduetshop Pentatonic Studies on Giant Steps + Reverse Giant Steps Download ReviewJazzduetshop Pentatonic Studies on Giant Steps + Reverse Giant Steps Download Review
    Felix B.
    Costa Rica Costa Rica

    I wuold like to buy only the guitar part, less cost

    Luis E.
    United States United States

    Very eye opening

    Great product, opened up a new way to visualize my playing.

    Franck L.
    France France

    excellent, I would definitely recommend it, thanks Nick!!!

    Alfredo P.
    Italy Italy

    Eureka !!!!

    I’ve been lucky enough to have had a great school training in music(also classical) in different countries and have been playing recording often with the giants of today Jazz//Pop music The material here from Nick is a fresh wave of love and knowledge, I’ll keep studying, thanks Nick.

    Alexandru S.
    Romania Romania

    Great material !!!

    I studied about 10% of the material and gained very useful information and skills. I will continue to study this method because it attracts me and it is simply very interesting. Thank you Nick Homes! You're doing a wonderful job!

    United States United States

    Great great great!

    Haven’t had but a couple days to even get into the material, but it appears to be a wealth of great ideas! Thnx!

    MAURO J.


    I am not a pro but, finally, I have a lot of spare time now to use and apply to my passion so...this book will become a consistent part of my daily training. I can't wait to gather dexterity and confidence and be a better musician for myself first and, then, for the audience and my music mates. More than the contents (that are excellent of course) is the motivation you gave us! That is priceless. Thanks. MJD

    Jazzduetshop Pentatonic Studies on Giant Steps + Reverse Giant Steps Download ReviewJazzduetshop Pentatonic Studies on Giant Steps + Reverse Giant Steps Download Review
    miguel r.

    Great material, as usual!

    Excellent material!! Great fun, diversity of speeds to play over, and new ways to think harmony!

    Ross K.
    United States United States

    For Myself and my Music classes

    I am looking for great files and PDFs for instructional use in my High School classes.

    Bénédicte T.
    Belgium Belgium

    As Epicure said: what happiness!

    I really appreciate the spirit with which you share your passion for music. I love playing jazz but I have little time to practice; with your materials I have the feeling of learning essential things. It's a pleasure to practice my tenor sax with your exercises (sorry for my bad english).

    Marc R.
    France France

    Pentatonic Studies on Giant Steps

    Dommage que les explications ne soient pas en français