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Each one has a different focus and learning goal - but they all have one thing in common:

Keeping you inspired whilst practicing sometimes profound and challenging jazz theory!

My most advanced, all-level online video courses & downloadable courses

These courses are the `flagship´ Resources of Jazzduets, tested and tried by many and constantly improved. You should enroll if:

• You play an instrument and want the solid and broad musical foundationneeded to improvise Jazz and Blues
• You are hungry to know and practice the secret exotic jazz notes the greats use
• You are looking for a tried and tested study method that will take you closer to your goals
• You are looking for an abundance of material to keep you busy for literally years
• You are looking for a deep dive in to the secrets of learning improvisation

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17 reviews

The Complete Compendium of Minor Approaches and Embellishments - digital download

Do you want the Ultimate Handbook Guide that will teach you How to effortlessly Embellish  Minor Chords the way  top Pro  Jazz musicians do?

As well:

That will enable you to transform simple minor arpeggios in to sophisticated, emotionally charged, virtuosic lines. ( Like the one below?)

D minor 3 Note Approach


 The Compendium of Minor Approaches has been meticulously prepared to provide you with the practice material you need to learn and  incorporate  these  ´Secret` musical  ornaments in to your playing in the most digestible, succinct way!



  • Specially prepared for Concert, Bb and Eb  instruments. 
  • The Material is presented in a coherent, logical way in all 12 keys.
  • 492 Killer Exercises - each one a useful, beautiful musical gem! 
  • Suitable for all levels - beginner to advanced - covers the whole gamut
  • One, Two, Three and Four Note Embellishments/Approaches
  • Video demonstrations with commentary with on screen notation for you to follow!

Check the video below to hear and see a preview of what is inside!


 INCLUDED In the Digital Download:

  • 147 page PDF of all the exercises in all 12 keys 
  • 4 MP4 videos where Jazz duets demonstrates the 41 ways to approach and embellish the D minor arpeggio (20 + mins) and commentary
  • 12 minor practice drones for deep immersive practice sessions.
  • 12 fast swing drum drones in 12 keys
  • 12 medium swing drums drones in 12 keys 
  • -7b5 files (videos, Mp3 play along and PDF files)
  • Mozart PDF files (exercises in 12 keys) 144 exercises + Mp4 Video demo


                                          LEARN to express EMOTION!

Sounds weird right? Surely it is not possible to learn express Emotion? You either have it or you don’t! No , actually, that is not quote correct. You see, there are groups of notes together that wring on our sensibilities. The great composers knew which ones these were. This compendium presents the most essential to know in a logical way, so you will incorporate and upgrade your playing Literally from day one!


Enjoy countless hours of challenging practice material designed to so that you grow harmonically, technically and emotionally!




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Benjamín M.


your approach is really great

Jack G.
United States United States

Improvise Better with The Complete Compendium

I’ve purchased and used several products from JazzDuets. I’ve found them groundbreaking. These playing concepts will in one day change your improvisational approach. We all spend so much time learning scales and chords and arpeggios that we get stuck. All those tools under our fingers and our new melody construction is just bland. The great improvisers use embellishment to infuse musical variety into their lines. From Mozart to Marsh, the use of approach note devices will finally get you away from just moving your fingers and get your brain and ear to think and hear new, meaningful, improvised melodies when it’s your turn to blow.

Peter H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Huge resource

Wonderful! This will keep me going until I am 110.

Nigel S.
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Fun or Chore?

Very good material well presented. It makes practicing fun instead of a chore. It is something that I will use for a long time and I will come back to many times.

Miguel B.
Spain Spain

Minor approach

Great, very simple and practical ideas

Jerome N.
United States United States

A Unique and Excellent Study

I am recommending this product to students. This is a unique and excellent study for both students and professionals

Seth D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Complete compendium of minor approaches

I always gain from nick Holmes lessons.

diego s.
Switzerland Switzerland

powerful tool

amazing, thank you for this material. I really enjoy to practice this!!!

Billy M.
United States United States

Hybrid Reader

I love the idea and the knowledge conveyed in this volume. I understand that most schooled 'from the cradle musicians' love the little dots, but I'm a hybrid reader. I've been studying and playing guitar since 1980, on my own mostly. I taught myself to read conventional notation as well as tab. As time went by I found myself using the conventional notation for rhythm and tab for immediate placement. This method has done me well over the years as I am in my last year at Berklee College of Music via the internet. My point is that many guitarists prefer tab, but a hybrid notation would broaden your economic horizons. I will always purchase from you as long as I feel it is something that will further my knowledge. I never buy just to buy. All in all, the book is fabulous and very much a part of my studies. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the craft. Thank you for the book. Billy Ray McClelland



Thanks Billy for this

Angus R.
New Zealand New Zealand

Excellent Product

This will keep me going for years. Plenty of great ideas for players of all levels

Jazzduetshop The Complete Compendium of Minor Approaches and Embellishments - digital download Review
Patrick H.
United States United States


Everything I've purchased from the gifted mentor is top notch and useful material!

Nathaniel P.
United States United States

Compendium of Minor Approaches

I am really enjoying adding the minor approach exercises to my practice. Well done Nick!

Dwight H.
United States United States

Best Path Forward

For me this just what I want to sound like and probably the best path for me, to get there . I can see progress and it makes musical "sense" . I'm very happy with these tools to make art . DH

Roddy V.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Thanks again!

Like all my previous JazzDuets content this was very useful and a lot of fun.

james M.
Australia Australia

Compendium of Minor approaches and Embelishments

Excellent.. great material very helpful and inspiring a great resource

Anthony L.
United States United States

Good material

Excellent material. Studied and continue to study these types of concepts. Nick is an excellent educator, explains and plays the example material. Well done