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The Complete Compendium of Minor Approaches and Embellishments - digital download

Do you want to transform simple minor arpeggios in to sophisticated, emotionally charged, virtuosic, Bebop lines? 

If yes, read on!

The Complete Compendium of Minor Approaches and Embellishments is the Ultimate Handbook Guide that imparts the skills of effortlessly enriching Minor Chords, just as accomplished Jazz virtuosos effortlessly achieve

This guide is expertly designed to empower you with the technique of transforming basic Minor Arpeggios into elaborate, melodious Jazz phrases.

Contained within the Complete Compendium of Minor Embellishments and Approaches are 492 thoughtfully curated exercises that purposefully assist your journey towards achieving a professional-level mastery of these  fundamentally important  musical ornaments.

Meticulously crafted, the Complete Compendium of Minor Approaches equips you with the practice materials necessary to seamlessly integrate these 'Secret' musical ornaments into your own playing in the most succinct  way.

This is a concise, enjoyable, and easily digestible method, enabling you to unlock your full musical potential.


      • 147 page PDF of all the exercises in all 12 keys specially prepared - to suite all treble pitch instruments. (492 exercises in total)
      • 4 MP4  videos where Jazz duets demonstrates the  41 ways to approach and embellish the D minor arpeggio (20 + mins) and commentary
      • 12 minor practice drones for deep immersive practice sessions.
      • 12 fast swing drum drones in 12 keys
      • 12 medium swing drums drones in 12 keys
      • MOZART FILES. (see the video below)
      • 7b5 FILES (see the video below)