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• You are hungry to know and practice the secret exotic jazz notes the greats use
• You are looking for a tried and tested study method that will take you closer to your goals
• You are looking for an abundance of material to keep you busy for literally years
• You are looking for a deep dive in to the secrets of learning improvisation

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Next Level Minor Chord Techniques.

The NEW Jazzduets Improvisation Online Course

Course Intro Video.

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12 Course Studies.

Watch a demonstration of the 12 studies, based on the concepts taught inside the course!

“It is all about possibilities and how to use the
different flavours”

Nick Homes

Do you know this situation?

Often when learning Jazz we can become stuck improvising the same scale over certain chords, for example always  playing the F minor dorian over F-7.


This is a great sound, but where are the

Jazzy, Exotic colours that masterful improvisors use

that really move and inspire listeners,

and take their listeners on a journey far away from their daily lives?


As well, just knowing to play the dorian for example always on a minor chord can be a trap that stunts your growth.

Cutting down your  possibilities, and your creative freedom


The Next level Minor Techniques course is the REMEDY to this less than ideal situation, teaching you some of the Jazziest, Hippest sounding possibilities to use when improvising!

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Some Images of the course videos

13 State of the Art Video Classes

Plus PDF sheet music & MP3s

MIDI files of all studies

Practice at your own pace

All instruments covered

Bass, Sax, Flute, Trumpet, Guitar

Course Level

Intermediate - Advanced

"“It is all about possibilities and how to use the different flavours”"

12 ways of improvising
over an f minor groove.

12 unique sounds
12 different emotions
12 Improvisational concepts

Each technique has a unique musical sound flavour.  

Some are simpler, friendlier and more familiar.
Some are exotic and unusual
A few are strident and even more aggressive 
Others evoke suprise

You choose which!

Suitable for All instruments

Tony Grey

Tony Grey- world renowned bassist and award winning music educator + new dad!


Nick Homes

Nick Homes "AKA" Jazzduets - on a mission to make better musicians!


Mariano Delgado

Mariano Delgado - one of the most gifted and versatile musicians in South America.

Sergio Wagner

Sergio Wagner- is the Young Turk king ofJazz Trumpet and style in Buenos Aires!

Charro Flores

Charro Flores - is a world class Flute player who lives at the foot of the Andes

Saxophone II
Enrique Oliver

Enrique Oliver - is an exceptional tenor saxophonist who hails from Malaga, Spain.

12 ways of improvising
over an f minor groove.

12 unique sounds
12 different emotions
12 Improvisational concepts

This is what you get

13 state of the art video Tutorials (Each one is like a masterclass! Going deeplyin to each improvisational technique, the theory, with all exercises demonstrated and notated on screen) 2+ hours of instruction videos to watch and digest over and over again!


13 Exercise PDFs (one per study ) in 12 keys specially

written exercises to get you assimilating the material in the shortest possible time (222 pages of studies)


The 12 minor Studies PDFs x 5 (Bb, Concert, Eb and bass + tab Guitar parts included)




13 Minor studies demonstrations for you to play along with

- Funk minor groove base in 5 keys

-12 minor drones (ONE per key) for deep immersive practice

- Midi file of the 12 studies so you can practice any speed

- Beat Box F minor faster play along if you like a big challenge!



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Demonstration MP3s from the Course


The 25$ Idea.

You may ask yourself, why this course only costs 25$, although there is content worth easily 50$ included, plus all the worthy co-operations with many talented musicians for all instruments?


Over the last year I have gone through some big changes and have decided that I would like to make my resources and courses affordable for anyone, not depending on budget, income or location.

I want to share what I have learned and picked up over the years.


If, for any reason, this course exceeds your financial abilities, let me know via and I am sure we can work something out!


Any course purchase enables me to create more learning content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level do I need?

To get the best learning experience out of the Next level minor techniques course it is recommended to have an intermediate to Advanced level.


Can I view the lesson content on my tablet or
mobile device?

Yes! The videos can be viewed on any device as long as you are connected to the internet. They need to be downloaded from our file server and can be watched an unlimited number of times. The PDF´s and MP3 tracks can also be downloaded and stored on your own devices.

Does My Access Ever Expire?

You will have life time access to the course material, through your customer login or on one of the Jazzduets platforms.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us and we'll be sure to quickly resolve any issues you might have.

Does it matter what instrument I play?

No, the course is for all instruments.

How is the course delivered?

Once purchased, you can access the downloadable files and videos directly through your Jazzduets user area.

We will also send you an email with access information, if you should lose the link.

What is the time commitment of the course?

Some of the musical concepts will be instantly digestible and applicable, however others will take weeks and months of repeated study to incorporate fully. Because of your lifetime access, you can take the course at your own pace.

Join the course now!

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