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Donna Lee IMPROVISATION Masterclass with exercises


Learn to deeply Map out the sounds of Charlie Parker´s Donna Lee  on to your Fingers, Mind and Ears!

There are many ways to approach practicing the chord progressions of Jazz standards that are worthy of any student’s attention  especially if they seek to enhance their improvisational skills.
Each standard however is unique (style, rhythm, melody, etc) so the study approach we take will also need to be different.


In this resource, nine effective methods to practice Donna Lee are proposed, ensuring tangible and concrete results for those willing to put in the necessary effort. By diligently applying these techniques, you can substantially improve your improvisational preparation and overall musicianship. 

 This is like Super Turbo charged practice as you are working and developing 3 things simultaneously:

  1. Your ears - bathing them in the Donna Chord progression.
  2. Your technique - strengthening it with real life Jazz material.
  3. Your harmonic knowledge - deepening your understanding of the chords.


The  concepts featured in theDonna Lee Improvisation Master Class are essential study preparation for any student of improvisation.

Embrace the challenge and embark on a rewarding journey of musical growth!

Each of the 9 concepts is supported with:

  1. Full page of master notes and tips for you to get the best understanding. 
  2. Two choruses of the written solos for you to study and enjoy. 
  3. Fast and slow demonstrations of the concept played by Jazzduets
  4.  Fast and Slow  specially recorded play alongs

Included in the download

  • 5 Pdf´s included (Concert, Bb and Eb, Bass  instruments and Guitar Tab)
  • Slow and fast Mp3 demonstrations of all the 18 exercises
  • Slow and fast play alongs specially  recorded for the resource by live musicians
  • 18 written choruses, play alongs and each
  • Midi file so you can  practice the concepts at any speed and key!
  • Appendix pages with further study material


Suitable for intermediate to advanced players