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THESAURUS of Minor Triad Pairs

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Learn to masterfully express emotions in your improvisations -The ultimate Toolbox for MUSICIANS, EDUCATORS + COMPOSERS to manifest their inner creativity



  • Beautifully designed online creative improvisation course with a Step-by-step curriculum
  • Deep meditational, encyclopedic dive in to world of Minor sounds and moods
  • Crystal Clear Tutorials and Exercise suitable for all Treble instruments + Tab
  • Videos on how to best use the package + demonstrations of practicing the Triad Pair combinations and shapes
  • 9+ Hours of play alongs (all keys and with grooves)
  • 1716 Exercises (11 shapes x13 Triad Pair combinations x12 keys) grouped in minor key centres
  • Deep, penetrating dive in to the world of  triad pairs over a minor.

Learn to mix sounds like a painter mixes colours!


  1.  Tips on how to use  the included resources
  2.  What are Triad Pairs?
  3. 13 video demonstration Tutorials (one video per Triad combination) containing all 142 exercises demonstrated BY JAZZDUETS in C minor.
  4. 10 essential Tips to help you get the best out of the 1716 exercises
  5. Shapes video. Closer look at each of the 11 melodic shapes the triads are built on
  6. Adapting the exercises to different rhythms 
  7. Miles Davis Triad pair masterclass

INCLUDED PDF resources

  1. 12 PDFS (one per key) each contains 143 Triad Pair exercises (13 triad pairs x 11 Shapes)
  2. Quick glance reference guide -  compact, easy to understand over view of the theory behind the Thesaurus 
  3. Summed scales. This PDF sums each triad pair, creating new scales , new material to use!
  4. How are the triads chosen
  5.  Miles Davis Triad pair masterclass Solos


INCLUDED Mp3 files

  • 12 minor drones (ONE per key) for deep immersive practice 
  • 96 Mp3 featuring  Specially recorded Rhythmic  Tracks in different styles
  • Miles Davis Triad pair masterclass (Minor Blues, Bb Blues and suspended Blues)