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THESAURUS of Minor Triad Pairs

Deep, penetrating dive in to the world of  triad pairs over a minor.

Endless practice resources….This is a journey.

Learn to mix sounds like a painter mixes colours

Organised beautifully for ease of use



1) Tips on how to use  the included resources

2) What are Triad Pairs?

3) 13 video demonstration Tutorials (one video per Triad combination) containing all 142 exercises demonstrated BY JAZZDUETS in C minor.

4) 10 essential Tips to help you get the best out of the 1716 exercises

5) Shapes video. Closer look at each of the 11 melodic shapes  the triads are built on

6) Adapting the exercises to different rhythms 

7) Miles Davis Triad pair masterclass

INCLUDED PDF resources

1) 12 PDFS (one per key) each contains 143 Triad Pair exercises (13 triad pairs x 11 Shapes)

2) Quick glance reference guide -  compact, easy to understand over view of the theory behind the Thesaurus 

3) Summed scales. This PDF sums each triad pair, creating new scales , new material to use!

4) How are the triads chosen

5)  Miles Davis Triad pair masterclass Solos


INCLUDED Mp3 files

1) 12 minor drones (ONE per key) for deep immersive practice 

2)  96 Mp3 featuring  Specially recorded Rhythmic  Tracks in different styles

 3) Miles Davis Triad pair masterclass (Minor Blues, Bb Blues and suspended Blues)



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369 H.
United States United States

Thesaurus Minor Triads Pairs.

I have to go over the material again to get it down correctly, but it’s what I have been looking for, for a long time. I love it and would recommenced it to all who want to learn to get better at playing saxophone!

David A.
United States United States

Astounding! I’m a very experienced guitar player. However, my improvement was notable after the very first lesson. It was like opening a vault full of riches!

A Jazzduetshop Customer
Phillip S.
United States United States

B-flat Instruments

The course is great, is it possible to get it in B flat?

pouzet p.
France France

triad pairs

very progressive, reachable, exhaustive, all the way are shown to find innovate color, affordable and full of imagery text. interface very clear A must have...

Jazzduetshop THESAURUS of Minor Triad Pairs Review
William M.
United States United States

Hours of fun practicing

1st of all it's got tab for us non reading guitarists! Course teaches how to change moods of your playing by substituting triad pairs. Once you get the idea it's so much fun!

Seth D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

THESAURUS of Minor Triad Pairs

I just love the fact that Nick demonstrates how to practice these exercises, and how it can be used in improvisation, i love his method of teaching, also how interesting the triad pairs are used in soloing, thanks Nick for your hard work you put in all of your lessons.

Craig J.
United States United States

My suggestion

The scales are very well put together, but what would take this course to a higher level, would be to actually write out simple improvisations to help intermediate players.

Andre A.
Germany Germany

Recommended approach and practice material for the rest of my/your life

I'm a 50 year old amateur with the skills of an advanced beginner, perhaps at a lower intermediate level, and have been studying improvisation more systematically for the last 2 years. When you start watching YT videos as a novice at some point, you come across Nick Homes. His videos and the approaches and exercises described therein stand out a little from the other offers. But in a positive sense. However, they are all very thoughtful and helpful.The material from the "Thesaurus of Minor Triad Paris" is no exception. Everything is very well prepared and explained in an understandable way and it is a lot of fun to work with the material. If you are a slow learner like me, however, it may mean that you can work with this material for the rest of your life. However, the course is definitely worth the money!

Curt d.
United States United States

Musical improvising using triads as a foundation

I'm still working through the course and it is an eye opener, as well as a fantastic way to learn my fretboard. Your courses are spot on and fun to watch and practice. Thanks for this excellent course Jazz Duet!

United States United States

continuing jazz study

Just like other studies I have bought from your site, this one is super cool. I started with you during the quarantine and it kept me busy all day, keep it coming.

bob t.
United States United States

keeps me busy

so far i'm on one drone...Cmin and one set of triads and only the 1st 2 playing along with the will take a life time for me to get through all the material but i'm already adapting the triads in my solo jams in Cmin...i'm not a real jazz player yet but these are cool...playing a C dorian with these lines sound great...can't wait to explore reason i got this study is cause of Nick Homes playing...always great!

Ralf F.
Germany Germany

The best investion last year ;)

Indeed a very good structured course with exellent accompanying material. I like there is only little theoretical Parts. And Nick explains the choice of the Triad pairs and their characters very eloquent and lyrical. Highly recommended!!



Really glad to hear this thanks!

Michael B.
New Zealand New Zealand

THESAURUS of Minor Triad Pairs

Top notch course information from JDuetes. You guys set the gold standard for online content. Bravo to Nick & his team

Chan K.
Hong Kong Hong Kong

Good video good book

Excellent experience

Brett B.
United States United States

Thesauruso of minor triad pairs

pretty slow going but good

Martin G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Thesaurus of minor triad pairs

Nick , I really love this workshop. Having played sax for many years it was my intention to build on my sax improvisation skills however I got stuck in on Clarinet instead and to a minor extent flute , would totally recommend this product .