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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! If your questions are not answered here, contact  Jazzduets at any time.

Your enquiry will be answered at my earliest convenience.


Who/What is Jazzduets?

Jazzduets is the vehicle Saxophonist/Teacher Nick Homes uses to present his Educational Material online. The mission of Jazzduets is to make you a better Jazz musician by providing trustworthy, inspirational, and fun resources . Put simply to be the vanguard in online Jazz music education. Jazzduets mission statement here


What Level do I need to use and benefit from the classes?

The material is organised in to 3 levels - Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced. 

The Beginner material is for players who already have experience with their instruments and can read music but who are newcomers to Jazz. 

The Intermediate resources are suitable for players who have already started studying some Jazz but are looking for new, creative resources that will take their playing and understanding to higher levels

The Advanced classes have been designed for students looking for inspiring,  professional - level material with which to challenge themselves.

Is the material you offer just suitable for the saxophone?

No!  The classes have been carefully prepared to be suitable for almost every instrument. All resources come with Concert, Bb and Eb notation as standard. Many resources have Bass and Guitar tab, but please check the individual descriptions first to be absolutely sure.


What happens after I purchase at Jazzduets?


If you purchased a regular Jazzduets class you will automatically be sent a download link once the order is complete - (within a few minutes to the email address you inputted in to the system) 

If you do not receive the link, check your spam folder.  As well, you can go to website and login with your purchase email. Be sure to create an account with so the system recognises you.

If you purchasedone of the Courses below 

jazz duets courses(The Art of Bebop Scales, Rhythm Changes, Soul Scale, Thesaurus of Minor Triads or Autumn leaves) your content is hosted over on the Thinkific course platform.

That is where you will login (not and access the your course.
 You will receive instructions by email about this, so no need to worry!

⚠️ ⚠️⚠️ Please be sure to input your correct email address in to the Jazzduets system and use the same one each time for a smooth, rapid + happy experience!


Your files will still be available to you even after you download. So you will never lose access to them.


I have not received an email after my purchase.

Please check your spam/Junk folder as it is very common for unknown emails to get automatically filtered and sent to these places. As well you can add Jazzduets to your contact list. If  the problem persists contact Jazzduets here

If you receive an error message it is highly likely you entered an email address that is not associated with a Jazzduets account or the email is in the spam or junk folder!

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Easy! Just go to and use the reset password link on the login form. Then go to your email and click the link to reset.

If you purchased a Course ( The Art of Bebop scale, Rhythm Changes, Soul Scale, Thesaurus of Minor Triad Pairs or Autumn Leaves) you MUST login in to your account at THINKIFIC


    I am having a problem downloading my order

     The majority of mobile devices do not support the downloading and unzipping of .zip files. PLEASE make sure you download the files to a laptop or desktop and then sync with your mobile device or iPad etc.


     I cannot access my account, what do I do?

     This can happen for 3 reasons!

    • You have created 2 accounts with Jazzduets and are trying to login to a second account with the password of the first or vice versa. It is imperative to check both accounts. If you do not receive a password reset, you must be checking the wrong email or the email is in the spam/junk folder
    • You are checking for your material when your course is hosted on THINKIFIC  (Soul Scale, Thesaurus of Minor Triad Pairs or Autumn Leaves)
    • In 99.9% of cases, login problems are due to the user not entering the credentials correctly.

       Why are some of the Courses not hosted at

      The courses (Rhythm Changes, Soul Scale, Thesaurus of Triad Pairs and Autumn Leaves) require a large amount of storage space as they feature video tutorials, Multi media, audio mp3 demonstrations/play alongs amongst other goodies (which are then heavy for you to download)

      Hosting the courses on a dedicated course programme like THINKIFIC solves these problems. As well on THINKIFIC the material can be organised and presented in a coherent and understandable way.


      Why are the regular course files separate and not zipped?

       I separate the files for the following reasons:

      • Many people have problems opening zipped files on different devices - it leads to stress and frustration
      • I often update files and add new files to products. This way I can easily update just one particular file.
      • Many products come in different versions for Concert Bb, Eb and Bass instruments. Having the files separated means you can just download the version you need!


       What happens if my computer breaks or is stolen?

      We have this covered! Your files will still be available to you even after you download as they are hosted on the Jazzduets server,  so you will never lose access to them! (There is a download limit to 8 times to avoid piracy which is rife)



       What Sax, Mouthpiece and reeds do you use?

      I use an old Yanagisawa Soprano that I bought off a student along time ago. It is not the top model, but it works fine and plays quite in tune out of the box. The mouthpiece  I use is a Selmer D rubber  that I have not changed for 15 years. I mainly use Vandoren Blues reeds strength 3. Sometimes in the summer these become too hard and I go down to a 2.5. However when it gets cold I always go back to number 3.



      Do you offer private classes?


      I am sorry to say that at this moment I am unable to offer private classes as my time is so limited (3kids!). This is lamentable as I enjoy teaching so much and always learn from my students!


       Can I purchase a printed book?

      Sorry, but at this moment I do not offer Printed hard copies for the following reasons:

      •  I live in Argentina and the mail/post is notoriously slow and unreliable
      •  Digital files can be updated (something I am constantly doing)