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Mission - Goals - Vision

Here are a few statements about Nick Homes (JazzDuets)  Vision and Goals:


  • I am passionate about education.
  • My mission is to address the fears + solve the challenges students encounter when learning Jazz.
  • Teaching is not a sideline that I do when I am not gigging to bring in some extra cash. It is way of life, a necessity I feel.
  • I approach the creation of teaching resources as an art form (I worry and fret when I am creating the resources, as I want them to be as best as humanly possible)
  • I strive to create cutting edge, jazz resources that inspire + motivate (I spend my days developing, researching, experimenting, testing, practicing, rinsing and repeating!)
  • I am and was a non genius (I believe this to be an advantage as a teacher as it allows me to relate and connect with what students are going through)
  • I love associating sounds with feelings and emotions in my classes, creating an immersive and impactful learning experience.
  • I am deeply interested in self-improvement, applying these principles to the study of music, and fostering an environment of continual growth.
  • I am meticulous to detail and am not afraid of being a nerd sometimes!