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Coltrane Pentatonic "What is this thing called love" exercises

Prepare to immerse yourself in a universe of fresh, challenging and inspiring practice material that will leave you endlessly motivated! 

In this latest Jazzduets resource we take 5 notes John Coltrane played on his stunningly lyrical solo on  'Wise One ' from his Classic  1964'Crescent' album and superimpose them on to the  gorgeous chords of "What is this thing called love"

Unlike the conventional minor Pentatonic, this Coltrane Pentatonicscale features the uplifting Natural 6th and the emotional 9th, that create unique and mysterious melodic lines when played over the chords of the magical standard What is this thing called loved that features all kinds of fascinating and challenging chords.


The Coltrane "What is this thing called love resource" employs a carefully crafted six-step process, meticulously designed to foster an enjoyable , profound and enduring learning experience:

  1. "Mapping" the Coltrane Pentatonic out over the chords of What is this thing called love
  2. Chord Pool  shape  Pentatonic exercises 
  3. “Condensed” POOL shape exercises
  4.  Slow study - featuring triplets and 16th notes
  5. “Eighth” note study - uninterrupted streams of 8th notes!
  6.  Famous song Fragments super-imposed on to the progression (Cry me a river, Round Midnight, Recordame, The shadow of your smile, Invitation) 

    🔈 🎧 📻 (listen to demonstrations below)⬇️⬇️⬇️


 The unusual musical shapes that the "Coltrane Pentatonic" produce  provide a wealth of challenging material for the player looking to add new sophisticated sounds  to their  improvisational tool box.


Perhaps the most amazing thing about the Coltrane Pentatonic is that it works over so many chords:  in A minor: A min6, G#7 altered, F#-7b5, D9 and C major 7 (b5)

Unlocking the potential of this scale by learning how to seamlessly superimpose it over multiple chord progressions will propel your harmonic and improvisational abilities to new levels.


Features of this Digital download:

  • 📚 53 page beautifully prepared PDF - featuring the 6 step process 
  •  🎥  2 state of the Art on screen Tutorial videos (24 mins)
  • 🔈 🎧 📻 (22 Mp3 audio files (6 demonstration +15 play alongs)
  • 🎷🎺 Prepared forConcert, Bb and Eb instruments +  Bass Clef instruments


If you desire an immersive musical experience that will keep you engrossed for months, while simultaneously refining your technique and broadening your improvisational horizons, look no further.

Embrace the "Coltrane Pentatonic" and embark on an extraordinary journey of musical growth and expression.