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The Complete Compendium of Major Approaches and Embellishments - digital download

Do you want the Ultimate Handbook Guide that will teach you how to effortlessly embellish Major Chords the way  accomplished Jazz virtuosos effortlessly do?

This guide is tailored to empower you with the art of converting basic Major Arpeggios into intricate, melodious Jazz phrases.

The Complete Compendium of Major Embellishments and Approaches comprises a collection of  636 purposeful exercises meticulously curated to aid your journey toward professional-level prowess.

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 The Complete Compendium of Major Approaches has been meticulously prepared to provide you with the practice material you need to learn and  incorporate  these  ´Secret` musical  ornaments in to your playing in the most digestible, enjoyable and succinct way,  allowing you to unlock the full potential of your musical abilities.


  • 135page PDF prepared for Concert, Bb and Eb instruments. 
  • The Material is presented in a coherent, logical way in all 12 keys.
  • 636 Killer Exercises - each one a useful, beautiful musical gem! 
  • Suitable for all levels - beginner to advanced - covers the whole gamut
  • One, Two, Three and Four Note Embellishments/Approaches
  • 4 mp4 demonstration videos  with on screen notation for you to follow!
  • 12 Major drone tracks for deep immersive practice 
  • Interactive index - so you can navigate super easily 

Enjoy countless hours of challenging practice material designed so that you grow harmonically, technically and emotionally!


The Complete Compendium of Major embellishments and Approaches contains the Exercises you need to study to sound like a pro!