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102 Classic Minor Licks


To become proficient improvisors, it is essential to dedicate time to practicing licks and lines that begin on all the degrees of the Minor scales. (not just the Root, minor 3rd and 5th)

This exercise will challenge us to explore notes we might not typically use, leading to substantial growth and expanded possibilities in our improvisation, enriching our musical horizons and vocabulary.

A fantastic tool for this purpose is the "102 Classic Minor Licks" resource. It can be likened to an encyclopedia of information on the Minor scale, as it references some of the greatest melodies ever written in various genres of music.

By immersing ourselves in these licks, we gain insights into the diverse aspects of Minor scales and apply them creatively in our improvisations.

This resource is a treasure trove that can elevate our musical journey and help us evolve as improvisational artists.

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This compendium of licks features  choice vocabulary from many styles of music : Mainstream and Modern Jazz, Funk, Brazilian Chorinho, Argentinean Milonga and even Classical.

These licks reference the tried and tested melodic source material you need to know if you want to  get deeply inside all the colours and emotions found inside the minor.

The Download is  packed full of features: 

  • 10 in depth videos breaking down each and every lick
  • licks in all 12 keys!
  • slow and fast saxophone demos
  • play alongs in all 12 keys and 2 speeds!
  • Clickable 137 page PDF jump easily to where you want to go
  • Guitar Tabs included and Guitar pro 7 file
  • Bass clef included
  • Minor Mp3 drones in 12 keys included for deep immersion practice
  • Specially recorded mp4 introduction video where Nick guides you how to best practice the licks
  • includes short  text analysis of each lick 


- you will aquire vocabulary from the great Jazz continuum

- you will strengthen your technique, by learning the melodic shapes that have been tried and tested instead of wasting time on scales!

- suitable for all instruments!

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Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Nat Adderley, Edvard Grieg, Irving Berling, John Coltrane, Paganini, Thelonious Monk, Michale Brecker, Clifford Brown, George Shearing, Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan, Michel Legrand, Joe Henderson, Mozart, Woody Shaw, Stravinsky, Erik Satie & Mccoy Tyner amongst others


102 minor licks starting on every possible degree including the major 3rd