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Soul Scale Exercises for Improvisation + Tab

Introducing the Soul Scale Exercises: prepare to elevate your playing to new heights!

Are you a student of improvisation craving to unravel the secrets behind the captivating, bluesy notes that make jazz greats' solos so effortlessly cool?

Do you find yourself wondering about the magical notes they use to create such soulful melodies?

As well, do you ask yourself, how do I best go about  learning, studying and incorporating these exotic, non diatonic notes in to my playing in the most time effective logical way?

Look no further! The Soul Scale Exercises resource has been meticulously crafted to provide you with the answers you seek!

This downloadable resource is tailor-made for aspiring jazz improvisers who yearn to learn, master and  incorporate the non-diatonic notes that define the essence of Jazz and Blues expression.

What makes Soul Scales truly exceptional is their unique inclusion of both the Major and Minor 3rd - the indispensable Yin and Yang of Jazz and Blues. With versions ranging from 3 to 7 notes, these scale exercises offer you a comprehensive toolset to assimilate and master these essential non diatonic  sounds that  pro Jazz musicians use to express themselves.

Unlike any other available material, these  enjoyable cool sounding exercises have been written with the purpose of assimilating these two vital notes that shape the very foundation of Jazz and Blues. This makes them an indispensable resource for any passionate student.


 This Pdf  Digital booklet  instant download for all  treble instruments contains the 11 exercises/lines specially crafted from the video below in all 12 keys which are  meticulously designed to help you  assimilate as quickly as possible  these 'exotic'  notes that pro Jazz and Blues players require to express themselves.

 This Pdf booklet instant download for Guitar  contains the 11 exercises/lines in 12 keys from the video below.

 Includes the PDF and Mp4 video "Soul Scales on Guitar"  

Youtube Video 


An example can be seen here: