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Scale Bundle


The Scaler exercises in this Bundle feature innovative ways to practice scales that have been specially designed to  open your mind and ears  + lift your playing and musical knowledge to higher levels in an enjoyable way.

Bundling together 12 hand-selected resources for all instruments, it has a total value of over 77$ - now selling for  38★★★★


Included in the Bundle are these 12  resources:


1. Soul Scale Exercises for improvisation 

Soul Scales are unique as they contain the Major and Minor 3rd - the Ying Yang if you like of Jazz and Blues. Assimilating and controlling these 2 sounds is of fundamental importance to the improvisor.

The exercises featured in this download are meant for newcomers to Jazz improvisation who are hungry to learn and play the Blue, spicy, non diatonic notes that Jazz and Blues players use to express themselves.

This Pdf Digital booklet (Concert, Bb and Bass Clef versions) contains exercises specifically designed to help you assimilate these essential 'exotic' notes in the most concise and understandable way.

The included 24 Mp3 tracks have been specially prepared to help you get the best out of the material. Each exercise has been recorded by JazzDuets and there are 12 play along backing tracks.


2. Natural, Melodic, Dorian + Harmonic Minor (chordal) Exercises

Are you really familiar with the 4 main types of Minor : Natural, Melodic, Dorian + Harmonic?

Can you identify the characteristic notes that imbue each scale with its unique sound?

The exercises in this digital download have been specially and meticulously developed to familiarise you intimately with the special colours of each different Minor scale to help you grow harmonically and technically.

This Instant Digital Download Pdf contains the 12 different exercises of the you tube video below in ALL 12 keys (195 page booklet with interactive index!)

 Specially Adapted for the range of the following Instruments- Flute, Sax, Trumpet, Guitar, Piano + Clarinet. 


3. The "Blues Arpeggio"- Exercises PDF digital download

It is essential for the student of improvisation to intimately know the Major/Minor 3rd sound dichotomy as it is arguably one of the most fundamental features of Jazz and Blues.

There is no arpeggio that is taught  academically that contains both Major + Minor, that is until now. 

 The Blues Arpeggio exercises  will innovate your daily routine, inspiring you with the bluesy/jazzy sounds and intervals this unique arpeggio contains.

 This digital download contains 5 pdf booklets of exercises as shown in the Jazzduets video ( C, Bb, Eb, Guitar + Tabs and Bass)

Each  Booklet version has been  specially optimised for the  range of the tonality. Most instruments will be able to play multiple booklets!


4. Creative Major Scale Exercises - All Instruments 

These specially crafted Exercises delve deeply inside the  Major scale in an innovative harmonic way unheard before!

Each exercises has been  designed to develop technique, harmonic understanding and rhythm simultaneously.

Features include:

  •  Groups of 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 notes
  •  Non Diatonic Appoggiaturas 
  •  Approach Notes.

The 70 page digital Pdf contains versions that are suitable for Sax, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Piano, Guitar and other Treble instruments in ALL 12 keys.

In total there are168 exercises (14 exercises x12 keys) that will challenge  and invigorate your daily practice routine.


5. Major Scale Melodic/Harmonic Exercises (All Instruments)

These exercises have specially and meticulously written  to help you work and develop your Tuning, Range, Technique, and Harmonic understanding simultaneously.


Features of the Resource:
  • Contrary motion lines (Promotes Technique Building)
  • Odd note groupings of 3, 4 ,5 , 6 ,7, 8, 9 notes (strengthens rhythm)
  • Harmonic workout (Expands ears and theory!)
  • Mp4 Video demonstration of many of the exercises

The exercises are in all 12 keys 

The 93 page  Pdfs contain versions that are suitable for Sax, Flute,  Clarinet, Trumpet, Piano, and other instruments. 

6. Seven Dope ways to Harmonise a Major scale

Harmonising the Major scale with Jazz chords is a fantastic compact way to assimilate and learn essential common non diatonic chords/chord progressions + it is fun to boot!

The cool harmonisations  in the PDF (in 12 keys) will provide you with exhaustive challenging practice material that will expand your harmonic understanding + provide you with 'Hip" chords for your compositions! 

This instant  Digital download is made up of 5 Pdf Booklets and 4 videos:

  • 1) The Major scale in 12 keys with notated chord voicings for Piano + Chord symbols so you can see the exact notes (if you need or want to!)
  • 2) The major scale in 12 keys with Chord Symbols only- so you can test your chord knowledge- or if you just want a shorthand uncluttered part
  • 3) The Major scale in 12 keys with the Roman numeral analysis + chord symbols. This is intended for you to start connecting the chord progressions to Roman numerals, which helps to understand and digest the harmony in whatever key.
  • 4) The major scale in 12 keys with the Roman numeral analysis only - so you can practice translating the roman numeral analysis symbols in to each key- a guaranteed way to stimulate brain cells! This can be challenging!
  •  5)  5 major Arpeggio in 12 keys with chord symbols -including Prince, Jaco and the Saints amongst others


  • 7 Dope ways to  Harmonise  a  Major scale  tutorial exercises
  • Major scale simple Reharmonisation- tutorial
  • Stevie Wonder's Major scale jazz reharmonisation +5 more.
  • Exercise- Harmonising  the  Chromatic scale with Major scale and vice versa


7. Nine+ Natural Minor Harmonisations PDF

Harmonising the  Natural Minor scale with Non Diatonic chords is a fantastic and  coherent way to assimilate and expand harmonic knowledge.

This Pdf features chords sequences featured by great artists such as Sting, Bill Evans, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix + Bill Withers and use these  'colours' to harmonise the Natural Minor scale.

Each different harmonisation produces a unique emotion in the listener.

The study of these harmonisations in the 12 keys in the PDF will provide you with numerous beautiful examples of how the greats use harmony to colour their songs emotionally whilst at the same time providing you with challenging practice material and expand your harmonic understanding.


8. Teachers Resources #1 Ten ways to Practice the major scale (with your student)

 The purposes of this meticulous,  innovative resource for teachers are as follows:

1) as a way to accompany students whilst they are learning scales - so it is more fun for them, rather than playing alone - to keep them more engaged and interested

2)  as a way to make the scale more like a miniature piece of music, to be treated that way, not just as something tedious for an exam or something unpleasant to get past.

3)  as a way of keeping the teacher stimulated and inspired so he/she can transmit that positive energy feeling to the student. 

 This is a 36 page instant PDF download.

The exercises  shown in the video below are presented in 12 keys in the PDF


9.Spot the difference - Minor scale harmonisation - PDF + Mp3

The ability to hear the different qualities of these minor scales is vital for the improvisor or composer.

The Spot the difference resource has been specially crafted to help you develop the ability to  learn + hear + feel the differences between the 4 Main Minor scales: Natural, Melodic, Harmonic and Dorian.

The included PDF contains the 4 minor scales harmonised in all 12 keys , for Piano and with chord symbols.

The included Mp3 contains the examples for you to test yourself and train your ears, if for example you do not have a partner.

10. Stevie Wonder Minor Scale

Learning harmonised scales is a superb way for chord lovers to incorporate and understand  the harmony  great musicians like Stevie Wonder employ to such  great emotional effect.

The dark, rich, minor scale inspired by Stevie Wonders’ devastating tune ‘They Won’t go when I go” contains both the natural 7th and the major 7th leading note. The inclusion of these 2 notes in one scale yields far more harmonic choices than the regular 7 note minor scale. These are essential sounds for the composer and improvisor to master!

 Files Included:

-Mp4 video 
-'They wont go when I go' Pdf sheet music extract that features the scale. 
- Stevie wonder Minor scale fully notated for Piano in 2 staves in 12 keys with chord symbols


11.Chopin Analysis/ Chopin Melodic Minor Scale

Chopin’s prelude opus 28 no 20 in C minor is a tremendous tune on which to apply a Jazz analysis.

This instant download comes with 4 files:

1) Lead sheet  of Chopin’s prelude opus 28 no 20 in c minor, with, analysis notes, chord symbols, thoughts

2) Lead sheet and chords of Chopin’s prelude opus 28 no 20 in c minor,

3) Melodic Minor Harmonized with the chords from the scale in all 12 keys with chord symbols.

4) The 'Crib' sheet that can facilitate the transposition in to any key!


12.Tetris theme/Satie Scale - digital download

The TETRIS theme which is based on the nineteenth-century Russian folk song "Korobeiniki"  utilises just 3 chords, the i- iv- and v major making it a superb chord/melodic workout to play in 12 keys!

Files Included: 

  • Simple Satie Influenced Piano version as shown in video with Jazz chords
  • Original Melody in 12 keys
  • Mp4 video tutorial
  • Satie´s Gnossienne lead sheet + Bar by Bar Analysis
  • Satie #4 Hybrid melodic/dorian Minor  scale in 12 keys
  • Tetris Theme in 12 keys

Please be aware that the bundle download contains many files to download to your PC so you will need  little patience!