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The "Blues Arpeggio"- exercises. Pdf download

It is essential for the student of improvisation to intimately know the major/minor 3rd sound dichotomy know and love as it is arguably the most fundamental sound of Jazz and Blues.

There is no arpeggio that is taught  academically that contains both Major + Minor, that is until now. 

The BLUES ARPEGGIO offers  a solution to this massive hole in music education.

The exercises in this digital downloaded have been carefully crafted to provide the player with  challenging , enjoyable material  that will enable them to incorporate these  vital sounds in to their playing as quickly as possible  adding to the students arsenal of resources taking them to a higher level of proficiency and expression whilst  strengthening  their technique and refining their ear.

Note. If you wish to purchase this with a credit card please proceed to the JazzDuets parallel site here:

The Blues Arpeggio exercises  will innovate your daily routine, inspiring you with the bluesy/jazzy sounds and intervals this unique arpeggio contains.

 This digital download contains 5 pdf booklets of exercises as shown in the Jazzduets video ( C, Bb, Eb, Guitar + Tabs and Bass)

Each  Booklet version has been  specially optimised for the  range of the tonality. Most instruments will be able to play multiple booklets!