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The "Blues Arpeggio"- Exercises PDF digital download

A profound understanding of the Major/Minor 3rd sound contrast is a cornerstone for any improvisation student, given its pivotal role in Jazz and Blues. Traditionally, the scholastic approach to arpeggios has omitted the combined Major and Minor tonality - until now.

Introducing the "BLUES ARPEGGIO" – a breakthrough that fills this critical void in musical education. This downloadable resource is meticulously designed to address this gap, offering a solution that enhances a player's musical prowess in record time.

Crafted with care, the exercises within this digital package present both challenge and enjoyment, facilitating the swift assimilation of these crucial tonal nuances into your playing. This addition to your repertoire equips you with an enhanced toolkit, elevating your proficiency and creative expression while honing technique and ear sensitivity.

Prepare to invigorate your daily practice routine as the "Blues Arpeggio" exercises infuse your playing with the distinctive bluesy/jazzy ambiance and intervals unique to this arpeggio.

Elevate your musical journey with a resource that promises swift growth, refining your skills, and imbuing your playing with newfound depth and character.

 This digital download contains 5 pdf booklets of exercises as shown in the Jazzduets video ( C, Bb, Eb, Guitar + Tabs and Bass)

Each  Booklet version has been  specially optimised for the  range of the tonality. Most instruments will be able to play multiple booklets!

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