9+ Natural Minor Harmonisations PDF

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Borrowing chords from popular well known tunes can  be a great way of helping

  us increase our assimilation of  harmonic possibilities.

This instant PDF booklet download contains  2 files:

A ) the 9 Harmonisations  of the Natural Minor in 12 keys with  'Jazz' Chord symbols.

Each  Harmonisation  is based on the chords of a famous song.


  1. Basic Harmonisation - I-, IV-, V-

  2. Bill Withers - Ain't no sunshine

  3. Beverly Hills Cop - from the film

  4. Lambada -

  5. Little wing- Jimmy Hendrix

  6. God rest you merry gentleman

  7. Another Star - Stevie Wonder

  8. The Russians - Sting

  9. Spartacus - Bill Evans Version


    2) + The  colourful JPG of the the 9 Harmonisations side by side ( in high definition)

    In A minor so you can see how they compare!