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Teachers Resources #1 Ten ways to Practice the major scale (with your student)


Teachers Resources #1 Ten ways to Practice the major scale (with your student)


Welcome to this meticulously crafted and innovative educational tool designed exclusively for teachers, with a multifaceted purpose that revolves around transforming the way scales are approached in music education.

Delve into its threefold objectives that transcend traditional teaching methods:

1) **Elevating Engagement:** In tandem with students' exploration of scales, this resource serves as a captivating companion. Gone are the days of solitary practice; now, students embark on a journey filled with enjoyment and shared learning.

By infusing an element of camaraderie, learning scales becomes not just an individual pursuit, but a collaborative and enjoyable activity

2) **A Musical Miniature:** Unveil the magic within scales by envisioning them as miniature compositions. No longer confined to the realm of monotony or the confines of exam preparation, scales are transformed into vibrant musical fragments.

This shift in perspective encourages students to approach scales as art, fostering a deeper connection and appreciation for their inherent musicality.

3) **Igniting Inspiration:** Beyond student engagement, this resource ignites a spark of inspiration within teachers themselves. The goal is to nurture a wellspring of creativity and enthusiasm that can be transmitted to their students.

As teachers experience renewed excitement, this positive energy becomes a conduit for enhanced learning experiences, resulting in a dynamic and uplifting atmosphere.

Step into a world where teaching and learning scales transcend the ordinary. This resource is your gateway to a realm of shared musical exploration, reimagined scales, and an infectious passion for music education.



 This is a 36 page instant PDF download.

The exercises  shown in the video below are presented in 12 keys in the PDF