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7 'Dope' Major Scale + 5 Arpeggio Harmonisations PDF

Harmonising the Major scale with Jazz chords is a fantastic compact way to assimilate and learn essential common non diatonic chords/chord progressions + it is fun to boot!

The cool harmonisations  in the PDF (in 12 keys) will provide you with exhaustive challenging practice material that will expand your harmonic understanding + provide you with 'Hip" chords for your compositions! 

This instant  Digital download is made up of 5  Digital Pdf Booklets and 4 videos:

 1) The Major scale in 12 keys with notated chord voicings for Piano + Chord symbols so you can see the exact notes (if you need or want to!)

2) The major scale in 12 keys with Chord Symbols only- so you can test your chord knowledge

3) The Major scale in 12 keys with the Roman numeral analysis + chord symbols. This is intended for you to start connecting the chord progressions to Roman numerals, which helps to understand and digest the harmony in whatever key.

 4) The major scale in 12 keys with the Roman numeral analysis only - so you can practice translating the roman numeral analysis symbols in to each key- a guaranteed way to stimulate brain cells! This can be challenging!

 5)  5 major Arpeggio in 12 keys with chord symbols -including Prince, Jaco and the Saints amongst others


  • 7 Dope ways to  Harmonise  a  Major scale  tutorial exercises
  • Major scale simple Reharmonisation- tutorial
  • Stevie Wonder's Major scale jazz reharmonisation +5 more.
  • Exercise- Harmonising  the  Chromatic scale with Major scale and vice versa


7 "Dope" ways to Harmonise a Major scale tutorial/ exercises