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Natural, Melodic, Dorian + Harmonic Minor (chordal) Exercises - download

Are you eager to master the 4 main types of Minor scales: Natural, Melodic, Dorian, and Harmonic?

Look no further! Jazz duets specially crafted Minor Pdf resource is designed to propel you  along your musical journey and enhance your learning experience.

Benefits to the Student User:

  • Complete Familiarity: The resource ensures that you become truly familiar with the distinct characteristics of each Minor scale. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the unique sound each scale possesses.
  • Thoughtfully Developed Exercises: Jazzduets has meticulously developed a series of exercises that have been tailored to help you immerse yourself in the special colours of each Minor scale. As a result, your harmonic and technical skills will grow exponentially.
  • Instrument Adaptability: Whether you play the Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet, Guitar, Piano, or Clarinet, this resource is specially adapted to suit the range of these instruments. 
  • Emotional Expression: The exercises in the course skillfully trace the fundamental chords that emphasize the unique emotional flavour of each minor scale. By focusing on the core chords (I, IV, and V), you will delve deep into the emotional nuances of each scale.
  • Challenge and Growth: The exercises have been designed not only to develop and expand your musical ear but also to challenge your technique. You will experience true progress as you push your boundaries!
  •  Instant Digital Download: No need to wait! You can access this comprehensive course immediately with a simple digital download.
  • The PDF contains all 12 exercises in ALL 12 keys, providing you with a 195-page booklet complete with an interactive index.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your musical journey to new heights!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, the Melodic Minor exercises promises to enrich your understanding, improve your skills, and take your musical prowess to the next level!