Natural, Melodic, Dorian + Harmonic Minor Arpeggio Exercises

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These new Jazzduets exercises have been specially and meticulously developed to familiarise you intimately with  the  unique sounds and colours of each different minor scale  whilst developing and practicing technique killing 2 birds with one stone! 

The Instant Digital Download Pdf of the 12 exercises of the video below  'Exercises on Natural, Melodic, Dorian + Harmonic minors' 

contain  the 12 beautiful  exercises in ALL 12 keys (60 page booklet)


 Specially Adapted for the range of the following Instruments- Flute, Sax, Trumpet, Guitar, Piano + Clarinet. 

( Some of the exercises have 2 versions- High and Low)

This Pdf will develop and expand your ear, whilst challenging your technique- an essential every day  companion!