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Major Scale Melodic/Harmonic Exercises (All Instruments)- Download

These exercises have specially and meticulously written  to help you work and develop your  Technique, Tuning, Range, and Harmonic understanding simultaneously.

 The notes in all the exercises outline the following classic harmonic progression

I V7 I IV iv- I II7 V7 I (Which is  VITAL to know if you really want to play jazz seriously)

Features of the Resource:
  • Contrary motion lines (Promotes Range + Technique Building)
  • Odd note groupings of 3, 4 ,5 , 6 ,7, 8, 9 notes (strengthens rhythm)
  • Harmonic workout (Expands ears and theory!)
  • Mp4 Video demonstration of many of the exercises

The exercises are in all 12 keys 

The 93 page  Pdfs contain versions that are suitable for Sax, Flute,  Clarinet, Trumpet, Piano, and other instruments. Some of the keys have high and low versions to accommodate the different ranges and abilities.

Some of the exercises are featured in this video: