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Stevie Wonder Minor Scale

Learning harmonised scales is a superb way for chord lovers to incorporate and understand  the harmony  great musicians like Stevie Wonder employ to such  great emotional effect.

 This dark, rich minor scale inspired by Stevie Wonders’ devastating tune ‘They Won’t go when I go” contains both the natural 7th and the major 7th leading note. The inclusion of these 2 notes in one scale yields far more harmonic choices than the regular 7 note minor scale. 

Files Included:

-Mp4 video 
-'They wont go when I go' Pdf sheet music extract that features the scale. 
- Stevie wonder Minor scale fully notated for Piano in 2 staves in 12 keys with chord symbols


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John J.
United States United States
Go Figure ...

Just being honest, here: I dropped a little over $100 for a stack of your e-books because they're great enough that you deserve more for your talent and heart, considering - let's face it - much of the content is actually "free" for anyone who knows how to frame-freeze a YouTube video. That said, I'll definitely be buying more from you, soon.

Jazzduetshop Stevie Wonder  Minor Scale Review
Jon F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Parallel Modes/Minors

I've been in the music business since the 1960's. Did not know of parallel modes/minors! You hve revived my interest in Stevie Wonder, Jon

Bernard T.
France France
Stevie Wonder Bundle

Very clear , very well explained . A must for musicians who want to learn about Stevie’s music .