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The Stevie Wonder Minor Scale

Mastering harmonized scales provides a remarkable avenue for enthusiasts of chords to seamlessly integrate and grasp the intricate harmonies that maestros like Stevie Wonder wield with profound emotional impact.

The dark, rich, minor scale inspired by Stevie Wonders’ devastating tune ‘They Won’t go when I go” contains both the natural 7th and the major 7th leading note.

This convergence of these two pivotal notes within a singular scale amplifies the palette of harmonic choices exponentially beyond those of the conventional 7-note minor scale. These tonal nuances stand as indispensable sonic tools for composers and improvisers alike, a symphony of possibilities awaiting mastery.

 Files Included:

-Mp4 video 
-'They wont go when I go' Pdf sheet music extract that features the scale. 
- Stevie wonder Minor scale fully notated for Piano in 2 staves in 12 keys with chord symbols