John Coltrane Bundle

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This Bundle contains the following carefully prepared resources that will look deeply inside the music and spirit of the great master John Coltrane.


1) THE JOHN COLTRANE PENTATONIC this  features the optimistic Natural 6th and the emotional 9th of the minor (unlike the traditional minor Pentatonic), making it perhaps more exotic and unusual.

The unusual melodic shapes the Coltrane Pentatonic note yield provide a wealth of challenging material for the player who is hungry for new sounds.

2) COLTRANE MEDITATION: The exercise proposed here is amongst THE most important  any serious musician can ever practice! 

It trains the ear and body  to be able to recognise acutely how each note feels against a base chord/tonality.


 John Coltrane's  beautiful tune 'Wise One ' from his Classic 'Crescent' album provides the inspiration for this tutorial.

We take some of Pianist McCoy Tyner stunning harmonic ideas and use them to construct triad pairs which we then interpolate on a static minor chord evoking different sound emotions.

The Triad Pair system is an incredibly powerful tool for the improvisor to master. 

4) COLTRANE CALMING EXERCISE  This  resource has been created to promote calmness via focus on the present moment! The exercises come from the soon to be available 'Superimposing Pentatonics' on Giant Steps  digital download.