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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star x 5 Jazz reharmonisations

This  instant download contains the following lovingly made reharmonisations of Twinkle  Twinkle Little Star in 3 formats ( a) Lead sheet,  b) Piano 2  staff chord voicings and c) Analysis)

1) Coltrane Version - inspired by Trane's   painfully beautiful "After The Rain" ballad.

2) Celesta - tender version using subtle extended harmony over a pedal.

3) Jazz Basic version - using secondary dominants, IV minor, sub V  and II-7 V 7 chords.

4) Full Jazz Version where each melody note is harmonised with further harmonic goodies : Secondary Dominants, #IV-7b5, IV- chords, extended dominants etc!

5) Modal Interchange - this is like an outer space version!