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27 reviews

Coltrane "Meditation" exercise

The exercise proposed in this digital download is arguably THE most important  any serious musician can ever practice.

There are 2 reasons for this:

1) It immerses the ear and body in the sound of how each note feels against a root chord.

2) It trains us to be able to play a tune in any key, as once we know the number/melody relationship of a tune we can translate this to any key, (provided we know the numbers of each note of the scale in all the 12 keys of music)

Included in the download

  • A carefully prepared PDF which includes a meticulous bar by bar analysis of the 'Resolution' melody + with the melody/numbers written for Concert, Bb, Eb and Bass instruments.
  • 12 minor drones for you to practice/experience the exercises in 12 keys 
  • Pdf of 'Resolution' in 12 keys (treble and bass clef versions)
  • Mp4  tutorial Video


Watch the video here

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Natasha M.
Australia Australia

Coltrane meditation exercises

This is a beautiful resource. I am also a meditation teacher as well as a jazz student, so it is wonderful to combine these two art forms. It sounds so different to the version on the original recording ! I always think there is much to be gained by simply slowing down. All the best from Australia



Thanks Natasha I am really glad to read this!

Angus R.
New Zealand New Zealand


Musical meditation is relatively new for me but has become a regular part of my study. I love this tune and look forward to more.

Jazzduetshop Coltrane Meditation exercise Review
Peter F.
United States United States

Coltrane Meditation

It was frustrating not being able to download zip files on my IPAD. I was able to find alternative backing tracks on YouTube. Overall, pleased with the quality of the material.

Thomas C.
Germany Germany

Door opener

I recently bought a couple of Nick’s books and I found all of them musically and inspiring. So I confidently look forward to get al little bit closer to the music on Trane´s „A Love Supreme“

Nayland (.
United States United States

Coltrane Meditation Exercises

Great experience. The drones in 12 keys is a very important feature for me. I am concentrating on subscribing this year and the drones are very good for my ear training. I am using virtual piano and drones since I don't have a keyboard. I can use a piano once a month for ear training exercises while on volunteer duty at the Arts Council due to slow visitations and phone calls.

Robert G.
United States United States


I really love this. The meditation brings profound results in music and life. Thank you so much for revealing this!

Paolo A.
Italy Italy

Supreme idea

quite simple but a great idea! you learn to learn with it.

Ben B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I have only just started work on this exercise and what starts out as seeming quite straightforward leads deeper and deeper in to new areas and insights. Great work. Thank you.

laurent w.
France France

Excellent and great work, I

Excellent and great work, I fall in Coltrane music At the end of the 60s, I started the sax with a soprano following my meeting with Steve Lacy in the early 80s. Your way of teaching music is the most perfect to date And above all there is no age to start, I am French, I am 70 years old and have two passion music and languages

Stephen C.
United States United States

Excellent music resources

Have yet to fully use all the materials purchased. However, it is wonderful to know I have them on hand and can’t wait to dive in. I consider all past purchases excellent resources that will greatly help me in expanding my musical voice and vocabulary.

Denis B.
France France

good work complement

facilites access to tedious exercises

Gonzalo I. Gil
Venezuela Venezuela

Excellent Selection

I loved it. I even began to play with it, and posted it on my audiomack acct as soon as he began to play, and explain the exercise. I have printed the pdf tab, and have yet to delve deeper so I am looking forward to it.

Alexander v.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Meditating with JC

I was given an exercise years ago by my then teacher, Steve Kaldestad. Establish a tonality then play each note of the related scale and consider where each note 'wants to go'. To take an obvious example, for me the 4th. wants to go to the tonic. It might be different for you, which doesn't matter as the important thing is to hear and understand the function of the note. This accords beautifully with your Meditation with Coltrane

Jon F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

A great exercise

Very helpful - thanks

A Jazzduetshop Customer
United States United States

Coltrane Meditation

Another great Coltrane exercise for this jam rock guitar player with poor reading skills. I like the analysis and once I get it under my fingers I look forward to the meditation aspect. Great (difficult but rewarding small steps) challenge for me as is the Coltrane Pentatonics.

United States United States

Coltrane Meditation Exercises

Coltrane's 'Resolution' is so amazing. Thank you for providing these exercises. They are great to learn and understand this truly awesome and inspiring music.