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Michael Brecker Bundle

This bundle contains the following 4 resources that will bring you closer to understanding the unrivalled genius of Michael Brecker:

1) The  Expansion exercises have been specially crafted to expand the players horizons both technically and musically. The Daily practice of these challenging melodic shapes Michael frequently used will raise the level of your playing no matter what your current abilities are and expand your ear to boot!

2) Take A Walk analysis. This is an amazing Blues tune to learn as it has Michael Brecker's stamp all over it- his mighty intellect, logical musicianship + the Blues.  The innovative angular triad pairs Michael used in this innovative  Blues  tune give us a glimpse in to his genius.

3) SING BRECKER.The intriguing angular line under the microscope in this resource mixes the minor 7th and major 6th intervals so favoured by Michael. There is a goldmine of information in this phrase that we can use to expand our ears + vocabulary whilst challenging our technique.


4)  The amazingly Powerful Bluesy Brecker ending line traces 2 essential Jazz/Blues chord progression that are so vital to learn.

Being able to recognise and incorporate these progressions is of paramount importance for the serious improvisor if they are to be able to express themselves coherently.