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Take A Walk Blues Tune analysis- Michael Brecker

The captivating, muscular "Take a Walk"  melody offers an exceptional learning opportunity, bearing the unmistakable imprint of Michael Brecker's genius - a fusion of his profound intellect, coherent musicianship, and the heartfelt essence of the Blues.

This innovative Blues composition showcases Michael's adept use of angular triad pairs, a technique that not only sparks the players imagination but also enhances their technical prowess.

Engaging with this piece will not only fortify your skills but also broaden your musical horizons, enriching your auditory perception in the process.

Files Included: 
-Mp4  Video 
- 3 x play along slow and medium, regular speed. 
- The Tune notated for Bb, Eb, C + Bass Instruments. 
- Bar by bar breakdown analysis of the blues with example sheet. 
- Mysterioso chart + 4 pop tunes that use theses 5, 6 and tonic notes.