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Michael Brecker inspired practice/warm up Expansion exercises PDF+ mp3 playalong

These  Michael Brecker (advanced) inspired  exercises have been specially crafted to expand the players horizons both technically and musically.

The uncommon interval leaps covered in the 4 page PDF will fortify your ear and fingers . For wind instruments there are added challenges of intonation and airstream + range.

Playing along with the  included MP3  Sine wave files of the exercises will be of great use to user as they will be able to build tuning security and confidence.

The Daily practice of these challenging melodic shapes will raise the level of your playing no matter what your current abilities are and expand your ear to boot!

These ideas are just the beginning, and not the end. Adapt them, make them your own!

The digital download includes Pdfs and Mp3's for Bb Tenor, Bb Soprano, Bb Clarinet, Alto Sax and C instruments like the Flute.

Please be aware these exercises are advanced as they use the full ranges of the instruments and the high harmonics of the Saxophone