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Pentatonic Bundle

The Pentatonic exercises included in this Bundle are meticulously crafted to unlock your mind and enhance your auditory perception, revealing the boundless realm of possibilities that reside (hidden) within the Pentatonic scale.

This comprehensive bundle presents fresh, inventive approaches to both practicing and utilizing the Pentatonic scale, enriching your improvisational repertoire and propelling your musical proficiency to new heights, all while ensuring a delightful and engaging journey of advancement.

The following products are included:

1.Pentatonic Expansion Shape package

The Innovative Pentatonic exercises in this digital PDF are designed to open your mind and ears to the expansive world of possibilities found inside the Pentatonic scale.

The Digital Instant Download features new, challenging, spacious patterns, written to free you from the closed regular hackneyed Pentatonic exercises usually on offer.

The package is fully notated for Treble and Bass instruments

As well, the included Mp3 files (see below) feature different chord possibilities on which to practice the patterns. Each different harmony evokes totally different sound emotions. This opens up a myriad of possibilities that expand the sonic arsenal of the improvisor.

This download includes:

  1. 41 page Pdf that features 13 specially crafted expansive new Pentatonic exercises in all 12 keys. (2 versions:  For Treble and Bass Instruments)
  2. 12 new Mp3 play along tracks (one for each key) - for you to experience the full sonic possibilities of each Pentatonic shape 
  3. Separate PDF of Superimposing Pentatonics on Major 7th chords + 9 Play along tracks with and without sax at different speeds! As featured in Superimposing Pentatonics on Major 7th chords youtube video. 
  4. New Separate Modal Interchange Pamphlet including youtube video examples 

   5. 3 x mp4 Video tutorials


 Do you want to unleash THE  huge POTENTIAL of superimposing pentatonics on top of different chord types? 

Look no further!

The new Pentatonic studies on Giant steps ebook features  44 specially designed  exercises that  will  closely acquaint you with the amazing  and  almost  limitless   sounds possibilities  the pentatonic scale produces  when superimposed artfully  on the chords of giant steps.

Learn and harness the technique the  great modal players like coltrane and mccoy Tyner  used too  to imbue their improvisations with such depth and beauty whilst expanding your harmonic prowess and strengthening your technique.

The new download features the following:

  • 54 page PDF of original meticulously prepared Pentatonic exercises in 4/4, 3/4, 5/4, 7/4 time that range in diversity from guide tones, to rapid 'fluid' versions + famous tunes being superimposed.
  • 5 versions of the PDF (Concert, Bb, Eb, Guitar tabs and Bass
  • Each exercise is accompanied by guidance practice notes/anecdotes/ wisdom+ tips
  • Multiple  midi Mp3 play alongs in different tempos, grooves and sounds.
  • Deluxe specially recorded 'real life'  play alongs
  • Mp3 demonstrations of ALL examples played by Jazzduets 
  • 14 minute Theory Mp4 video (not available on youtube) that fully explains the theory of what pentatonic to play over each different Chord change 
  • Exercises and play alongs on a Special 20 bar Eternal Version of the giant steps chords in 8th's, 16th's, triplets, 16th note triplets and + the 32nd note shred version.
  • PDF Includes mind-blowing  harmonic secret inside giant steps you can use as a hack to play on these challenging  chord  changes.

Once YOU KNOW the technique of superimposing penatonics  over different chords you will  easily be able to apply it to a myriad of harmonic situations and  leverage the Pentatonic information you probably  already know by a factor of 10!


 The bright, uplifting, ethereal sound of superimposing the Minor pentatonic on the Major 7th chord is a wonder addition to any improvisors toolbox of sounds. 

As Charlie Parker said:

"I realized by using the high notes of the chords as a melodic line, and by the right harmonic progression, I could play what I heard inside me."

When we superimpose the Minor Pentatonic on to the 7th degree of the major 7th chord we highlight the major 7th, 9th, the 3rd, #11 and 13th (or 6th) - the higher extensions of the chords.

 Understanding + adding these uplifting ethereal sounds to our repertoire will help us to take our playing higher levels.

 The download includes the following:

  • Mp3 of all the video examples 
  • Regular and Slower backing  Mp3 play along tracks
  • PDF of all video exercises that demonstrate superimposing the pentatonic starting on the Minor 3rd and Major 7th of the Major 7th chord for Concert, Bb, Eb and Bass instruments + GTR TAB
  • A theory Pdf that contains examples of the superimposition in various keys.




The innovative Hendrix Pentatonic combines the Major and Minor 3rd producing a compelling dichotomy of sound that is angular and unusual rarely seen in traditional resource books.

Arguably the Major and Minor 3rd is the musical Ying Yang of Jazz and Blues.

The specially written exercises in this PDF challenge the ear and fingers with wide, spacious patterns  designed to familiarize the player to this edgy scale whilst at the same time  opening up a myriad of new possibilities to the improvisor.

The  35 page PDF is suitable for most Treble instruments: Flutes, Saxes, Trumpet, Piano, Guitar, Clarinet etc- as the range of each exercise has been very carefully considered.