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Non Symmetrical Scales and Arpeggios for Jazz Masterclass


  1.  Do you have nagging feeling you are missing out on something important in your daily practice sessions?
  2. Do you want the coolest, cutting edge material to practice that will improve your improvisation, technique, and deepen your understanding of harmony ?
  3. Are you looking for a system that will help you learn and incorporate the secret, juicy notes the pro jazz musicians use?

If you answered yes to any of these read on!

The big PROBLEM for many students of Jazz is that they are stuck practicing the traditional “Symmetrical” scales and arpeggios: Majors, minors , modes + Pentatonics.

This is a serious issue as none of these scales actually contain the juicy, bluesy non diatonic notes that the jazz greats use to express themselves so passionately.

This means the students are missing out, limiting their horizons and even wasting precious practice time.

Jazz is not symmetrical.

Much of the flavour of Jazz comes from dissonances! So learning how to use these dissonances is of paramount importance!

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Incorporating Non Symmetric scales + Arpeggios in to your daily practice routine is going to blow your mind, as not only will this expand your ear + technique , but the corollary  is that it will boost your creativity and drastically have an impact on the emotional content of your music!


Contained in the NON SYMMETRICAL SCALES and Arpeggios for Jazz  digital download resource are 18 scales/ arpeggios in all 12 keys.

You will practice these every day with the included one chord drones. This is essential, so you can hear and experience the consonances and dissonances of each scale. Over time you will begin become more familiar with the Yin Yang of these unique scales. How the notes relate to each other, how the dissonances resolve.

As well You will study the 12 included tutorial videos + related PDF  that show you how to actually use these innovative scales and arpeggios and incorporate these amazing sounds in to your playing.


The graphic below represents the content of the Masterclass

Multiple Benefits:

  • Ear training - Train your ear every day practicing with the included drones
  • Theoretical - understand deeply how to mix and use “blue” notes
  • Technical- expand your technique with these innovative scales
  • Routine- know that everyday you have a routine that keeps you on track to becoming a better Jazz musician


CONTENTS of Digital Download:

  •  Non Symmetrical Scales + Arpeggios PDF (48 pages)  This is the main PDF that containsall the 18 Non symmetrical scales + Arpeggios in all 12 keys 
  •  Non Symmetrical Scales + Arpeggios Video Tutorial. (14 mins) 
  • Non Symmetrical Scales + Arpeggios Video Demonstration. (5 mins) 
  • 12 Tutorial Videos -(see below)
  • 12 Slow Synth Play along workouts.These workouts have been included to provide you with the deepest learning experience.The scales and arpeggios are played twice by a perfectly tune syntheziser in all 12 keys.
  • 12 major “Drone” string backing tracks- labelled in concert these are for you to practice the Scales and Arpeggios with daily.
  •  “Video tutorials”  PDF (68 pages) contains the sheet music of the demonstrations and exercises in the  following 12  video tutorials:


12 Included Video tutorials:

  1. Non Symmetrical Major + Minor Arpeggios (5:23 mins)
  2.  How to play the Blues Arpeggio on a Bb Blues (4.57 mins)
  3. Question + Answer Bb Blues Arpeggio Exercises (2.24 mins)
  4. How to play the Soul Pentatonic on a Bb Blues Tutorial (4:39 mins)
  5. The Soul Pentatonic on a Bb Blues (1.50 mins)
  6. Seven Note Soul Scale cycle 4ths Workout (1.01 mins)
  7. How to play a Blues using the Seven Not Soul Scale (4.53mins)
  8. Seven Note Soul Scale choice lines (2.09 mins)
  9. Combing the Major and Minor Pentatonic (6:53 mins)
  10. Ways to USE the Major/Minor Pentatonic (12:33 mins)
  11. Ways to USE the Major/Minor Blues scale (13.54 mins) 
  12. Major/Minor Examples over a static groove (1:22 mins)


Watch Jazzduets explain and  demonstrate  Non Symmetrical Scales and Arpeggios and why they are so important to learn

Watch Jazzduets demonstrate  the 18 Non Symmetrical Scales and Arpeggios in the masterclass back to back

Watch a Non Symmetrical Warm up featuring the 18 Non Symmetrical Scales and Arpeggios played very slowly with a perfectly tuned syntheziser