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Non Symmetrical

Hi, if you think the 20 dollars price tag of the Non Symmetrical Scales and Arpeggios to be too expensive I would urge you to consider the following:

  • 14 Transformative Tutorials Included: Each tutorial contains invaluable insights that can permanently enhance your playing. You are investing just $1.42 per tutorial – a steal for probable life-changing musical knowledge!
  • Exclusive Non-Symmetrical Scales: The main PDF unveils 18 innovative Non-Symmetrical Scales not found anywhere else! Search Non Symmetrical scales on the internet and the result will be scant -  just a previous Jazzduets video!
  • Comprehensive Learning: The "secondary" PDF (67 pages)  complements and supports the tutorials with oodles of music examples, providing a well-rounded, fun and thorough educational experience.
  • Structured Daily Routine: This resource isn't just about content; it offers a daily routine that contributes to your wellbeing, momentum, and clarity in your musical journey.
  • Innovative Jazz Material: This cutting edge resource  is the result of many years research.

 In conclusion, this $20 investment isn't just for a product; it's for a unique transformative  learning experience.

Advice: Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your musical  skills at an unparalleled price!