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Practice session of a non genius #2 - Playing a simple tune in 12 keys 

Today I want to share a practice idea that I Believe to be 
Incredibly beneficial.  
I know that I am not alone in thinking that it is superb
Preparation for the aspiring improvisor to play tunes by ear
Without music in all 12 keys.
In fact I recall the great Eddie Daniels recommending 
it at a clinic many years ago.

Practice session of a non genius #2

I wanted to document one such practice session here, to walk the talk
As There  is perhaps no better raw material for the musician to
 study and practice than famous  tried and tested great melodies,

This activity requires  you first to  pre hear
 the melody (which is essential for improvisors)  
and then you have to execute the notes in real time,
Which is challenging and great fun
Here I have taken a very simple tune, Amazing grace,
That just uses the notes of the major pentatonic.

The demonstration you are watching is ok, but contains 
 imperfections, such As tuning discrepancies, and uneven tones,
BUT THAT IS FINE, as it should be, it is work in progress.
I am not willing to succumb to perfection paralysis.
As well, when we improvise the worst thing we can do
 is to be scared of playing wrong notes.

 I did not go to town with the expression, as I wanted to
 present  this practice concept In a straight forward way. 
I enjoyed just blending the sound of the my instrument
 with the backing chords  that I previously prepared.
This is a lovely activity to do everyday, to take a different tune,
In what ever musical style  that appeals…
Anything you feel like playing is valid,  perhaps a pop tune
you heard  in the super market, for instance

BTW I arranged the 12 keys in the following order, as I like
 the feeling of the piece moving up in minor 3rds.
Of course you can move up a semitone each time if you  wish!

I hope someone out there will be  encouraged try this exercise out
Please let me know, if you do 
Perhaps we can swap tune ideas in the comments!