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I wish I had practiced this 38 years ago

Hi, in this short video, I'm going to demonstrate just one way of going deeper into the unique sound worlds of each minor, the natural, the harmonic, the melodic and then the Dorian. To do this, I am gently going to blend my soprano sax over the fundamental chords of each different minor, taking the time to experience slowly how each one feels. So first up, the natural minor harmonize with Kautz, one minor for minor and five minor with gentle, improvised soprano noodling all chords miner

Now, the harmonic minor chords here are one minor for minor and notably five major. Now, the melodic minor with different chords ascending and descending. To finish the Dorian Minor harmonized with the flat seven major and four major. A brighter sound. I wish I had taken the time to really get into these sounds 38 years ago when I became obsessed with jazz and improvisation. If you would like to check out this practice resource, Essential Minor Harmonic Exercises, check out the link in a video description.

Thanks for watching.