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Triad Pairs on "What is this thing called love" - Digital Download

"The single most valuable thing you can do to progress is to practice on Jazz standards"

IF you struggle to play over the chord changes of standard tunes like
What is thing thing called love - then read on!

Applying Triad Pairs systematically to a Jazz standard will provide you with intense practice sessions that will accelerate your growth and expand you harmonic possibilities.

This innovative product, (first of its kind) has been meticulously crafted to train you to improvise over sophisticated chords such as -7b5 and altered dominants with security and freedom.

This is for advanced players as the challenge of changing triad pairs every 4 beats is considerable. Please check for yourself if you have the necessary knowledge. 

The Thesaurus of Minor Triad Pairs is recommended if you are new to Triad Pairs.

You will leave this class with:

1) A deep understanding of what to play on chords such as Minor 7b5, Altered dominants and Major 7ths.
2) The knowledge of a cutting edge improvisational system that can be applied to almost any chord progression.

3) Enough practice material to last you for months if not years!

This is a unique, success-guaranteed practice system for learning to play over complex moving chord changes.

There are over 45 MP3 files included. Here are a few examples:  

What's included in the download

 PDF INCLUDES (Concert, Bb and Eb +Bass clef)

1) Jazzduets written solo on what is this thing called love that features
Triad pairs.

2) Exercises that featured triad pairs
in 8th notes, triplets and 16ths over the changes

3) Theory of why each triad pair was chosen

4) mp4 Video tutorial



1) Jazz duets Demonstration of each and every written note in the PDF

2) Slow string play alongs in 2 speeds for deep practice.

3) Drone play alongs for each chord of what is this thing called love So you can practice deeply on each chord separately. (this is essential!)

4) Double Bass play along in 2 speeds


Get your copy of the Triad Pairs downloadable resource now!

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Edward P.
United States United States

very useful, been trying to master triad pairs for quite some time now, this is working well for me :-)

Roddy V.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Excellent fun as always!

I really enjoy all the material from Nick. I think it progresses my playing too.

James G.
United States United States
GREAT job nick

A wealth of knowledge!

William V.
United States United States
What Is This Thing?

I have an issue with two PDF's on one page. The notes are too small to be read. I don't understand why two pages have to be on one physical PDF page. Not much I can do if I can't read the notes so I can play them.


Which page, I can review this

Alexandre A.
Canada Canada
Triad pairs review

Easy to understand Challenging to do Helps you open up your imagination

Juan O.
Chile Chile
triad pairs

a very good experience. an improvisational tool applied specifically to a standard makes it easier to understand it.

Jim M.
United States United States
Swinging with Nick

Nick is a fine educator. I like his “magic realism” approach. he uses musical phrases that make sense and have melodic value. I find this refreshing in an age when so many teachers are creating correct but vapid melodies patterns. Keep going Nick.