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Cantaloupe Island Triad Pair exercises

 Unlock Your Musical Potential with the Unique Triad Pairs System on Cantaloupe Island!

Are you ready to take your study and improvisation skills to a whole new level? Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a trusted, ultra cool, and modern sounding improv system that will make you sound like a pro, effortlessly playing the correct, “hip” notes.

The challenge  Herbie Hancocks 60´s masterpiece presents for Jazz improvisors is that the  three chords  (F-7 Db7 and D-7sus4) are unrelated. This means:

  1. it hard to improvise something cohesive.
  2. What works on one chord does not work on the next!

Traditional (yawn!) Chord Scale Approaches fail to capture the funky essence of this groovy tune and end up sounding and feeling incongruous, like adding pineapple on top of a pizza!

But fear not, there is a solution for you - the Triad Pairs System!

This unique improvisational system involves superimposing pairs of triads (major or minor) over the base chords of Cantaloup Island , resulting in an evocative blend of exotic sounds, vibrant colours, and unexpected melodic shapes.

It's like painting with sound colours, offering a truly unparalleled musical experience

With the Triad Pairs System, there are no wrong notes. It's all about expressing yourself through a rich palette of sound colours

The Jazzduets Cantaloupe Island  resource (Digital Download)  explores three pairs of triad pairs per chord, providing you with a wide range of sounds to explore and experiment with.

Be sure to check this video to hear the deep sounds that the triad pairs can produce.

In summary, the Triad Pairs System is an immensely powerful and cutting-edge improvisational tool favoured by leading modern jazz musicians.

(It allows you to create cool and complex soundscapes that will set you apart from the average improvisor!)

✅  The beauty of this system is that once you grasp the concept, you can apply it to virtually any tune, expanding your improvisational toolbox exponentially.

✅  Learning the Triad Pairs System isn't just about technical exercises; it's about real-life, applicable practice material that you can use, develop, and make your own


 The Digital Pdf ( in 4 versions: for  Bb Sax and Bb Trumpet + Eb Sax + C instruments) contains :

  1.  the exact Exercises as shown in the Youtube Video
  2. the 'basic' versions  of the  above exercises that are written to introduce the player to the triads- hence one grouping per chorus of 3, 4 ,5 ,6, 7 and 8 notes in 8th notes, triplets and 16th notes-(7 pages of these preparatory exercises) 
  3.  Two Mp3 Play alongs to practice with at original pace and a little slower!
  4. New Eb versions  specially adapted for Alto Sax, using the entire range