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Tonic Diminished Major Exercises - Digital Download

Do you want to learn an amazing Hack that will enable you to add Coherent, Cool, Non-diatonic notes to your lines over a static Major chord?

What is so great about this concept,  is that you can learn to make ultra hip "Major" lines that momentarily feature the non- diatonic, spicy notes of the Tonic diminished.

INCLUDED in the download

  1. PDF of super cool exercises that feature the Tonic Diminished in 6 keys.
  2. Mp3  Major Practice drones  in 12 keys for deep immersive practice
  3. PDF of killer  ii-7 V7 I lines featuring the Tonic Diminished on the Root chord
  4. Explanation Video of the concept (YT)
  5.  RHYTHM Changes Diminished Bonus material - 12 mp3 files and  6 practice  solos
  6.  Rhythm changes solo PDF analysis - bar by bar deep dive.

 Suitable for all levels of Entry - Advanced!