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Tetratonic exercises

Within the realm of music, the four notes showcased in these exercises hold an indisputable claim to power - a potential often concealed beneath their unassuming presence.

These notes have woven themselves so intricately into the fabric of musical expression that their significance can sometimes elude us.

Enter the captivating domain of Tetratonic scales.

 These musical building blocks possess a captivating allure when subjected to inversion and artistic permutation. 

This kaleidoscope of tones not only presents a technical challenge to conquer but also invites the ear to traverse uncharted territories, expanding its receptive horizons.

Embrace the opportunity to delve into the world of these four notes, where their potential is harnessed in ways that defy convention.

Through their manipulation, we unearth a tapestry of sounds that test our capabilities while evoking fresh waves of creative energy. 

Files Included: 
- PDF of Exercises especially written to aid the assimilation of these sounds.

-Mp4 video