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Teachers resources #2 - Harmonised Major Arpeggios


Teachers resources #2 - Harmonised Major Arpeggios is an invaluable tool thoughtfully curated for educators seeking to elevate the practice of arpeggios among their students, ultimately enhancing the entire learning journey.

This resource opens the door to a harmonious partnership where teachers seamlessly join their students in arpeggio practice sessions. The primary objective is to create an enriched musical experience that goes beyond mere repetition.

For students, this collaborative approach yields manifold benefits: an opportunity to meld their individual tonalities, meticulously refining intonation and timing. Meanwhile, the harmony that emerges from the convergence of teacher and student cultivates an atmosphere of shared musical exploration, fostering mutual enjoyment.

Incorporating Harmonised Major Arpeggios into your teaching repertoire transforms arpeggio practice into a dynamic, interactive, and melodious activity.

Step into a realm where music flourishes through partnership, as both teacher and student embark on a harmonious journey of sound refinement and shared musical delight.

The pdf is in all 12 keys.  There are 10 harmonisations hence 120 arpeggios