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Spot the difference Ear training package- PDF+MP3

The single most important skill all profound musicians possess or acquire is a great ear.

This trumps everything else.

The Spot the Difference Ear training package has been specially crafted to help you develop the ability to hear MINOR chord qualities and progressions.

This innovative Ear training system is simple, easy, and deep as you want to make it.

It works by getting you to identify and recognise the differences between similar  Minor chord progressions.

The PDF + MP3 feature 20 vital to know, ubiquitous in pop+ jazz 4 bar progressions. Each subsequent progression differs slightly from the previous one.

The challenge is to perceive what change has occurred.

The PDF contains the  Piano scores +  Chord symbols and roman numeral analysis of each progression + MP3 of the 20 progressions

The practice of the Spot the Difference Ear training exercises  that can be used anywhere with or without instrument will develop your aural awareness, deepening your ability to recognise subtle vital harmonic changes + at the same time providing you with  a superb collection  of minor chord progressions that can be used for composition + improvisation.