Soul Scale Exercises for improvisation - All Instruments

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The 'new' Soul Scale is unique as it contains the major and minor 3rd - the Ying Yang if you like of Jazz and Blues.  Assimilating and controlling these 2 sounds is of fundamental importance to the improvisor.

I wrote these exercises as I believe there is no other such  didatic material 

available to the student that  focuses on these vitally essential   2 notes

of Jazz and Blues.

 This Pdf  Digital booklet  instant download for all  treble instruments contains the 11 exercises/lines specially crafted from the video below in all 12 keys which are  specifically designed to help  you assimilate of these 'exotic'  notes that pro Jazz and Blues players require to express themselves in the most concise understandable way.

This PDF  will  train your ears + fingers to  incorporate this vital Jazz vocabulary 

that is not found in traditional scales.



These exercises are meant for newcomers to Jazz improvisation (but not music) who are hungry to learn and play the more 'exotic' notes that Jazz and Blues players use to express themselves that are not included in the Academic scales they perhaps already know, and who are perhaps unsure of how to approach learning and assimilating these colourful (may be unfamiliar) sounds, especially if they are new to the Jazz Genre.