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11 reviews

Soprano Saxophone Sine Wave tuning Exercises

Metronomes have been used for almost 200 years by musicians to help them to play in time. The Sine Wave Tuning Exercises are a unique System that successfully offer a pitch equivalent.

Extremely slow exercises are generated using a pure Sine Wave. The Player matches the exact pitch eliminating any 'beats'. Areas of poor intonation can easily be identified and remedied. Pitch Awareness becomes sensitised with sustained use.

The download for Soprano Sax Download includes:

  • the  Pdf booklet of the 12 exercises 
  • 12 Mp3 Audio files that can be used daily to help train you to play perfectly in  tune (or as close as any instrument can!)

The exercises have been written especially to provide the most ideal Tuning  'workout' whilst being musical and expanding the ear! (each exercise spans 2 Octaves)

You play along with the super slow perfectly in tune MP3  Sine Waves-

giving you time to match your tuning.

There is no place to hide!

You will identify  which notes are the most problematic on your instrument

and can work how to best to resolve them-  wether to use:

faster air stream, a better fingering, more relaxed throat, improved tongue position, different mouthpiece!, etc


There are few things worse for a performer than to be  preoccupied

with tuning- it can really distract and undermine self confidence-

ruining the enjoyable experience of playing music.

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Sergio V.
Spain Spain

Short, sweet and effective.

“No brainer”. A great way to work on your intonation. Very easy to incorporate to your daily practice without effort. Exercises that I enjoy playing and that are helping me listening to myself better.

Jazzduetshop Soprano Saxophone Sine Wave tuning Exercises Review


Hi Sergio! Thanks for the Review! We're glad that you are finding the material helpful. Best, Jazz duets

David R.
United States United States

I love jazz duets

These longtone exercises are what I was missing in my efforts to learn control and tuning in playing my soprano. I practice them daily.

Mike F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

looks promising

during lockdown i brought a soprano ,usually play tenor . Tuning needs attention. Have been working on embouchure with some success using a tuner on computer which also has sine wave but only one note at a time. These exercises are just what i need. long way to go but looking good thanks.

luca r.
Italy Italy

Sine wave tuning exercises

I find it very useful for improve tuning using EARS and not the EYES at the tuner. I use it not only with the written notes but also experimenting intervals. I think a good "second edition" could have chords under the sine waves. Thank you JazzDuets!

A Jazzduetshop Customer
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Excellent resource..

Before this I had been resorting to using cello drone material on You Tube. This is so much better. Works great with tenor. It is a real workout and I am finding that it is great all round ear-training as it is really helping me with pre-hearing intervals before I play them - a fundamental skill but one which, I admit, I have not been very good at previously. At this price this is a n absolute bargain. Great work Nick.

José B.
Portugal Portugal

Soprano Saxophone Sine Wave tuning Exercises

Soprano Saxophone Sine Wave tuning Exercises it’s really great the soprano is Dutch a hard instrument to keep in tune these exercises really help especially with the mp3 files a big help great value as well thank you. Joe

Markus G.
Switzerland Switzerland


Works also fine with tenor sax

Carl H.
Sweden Sweden

Sine wave tuning for soprano

This is an excellent product, well thought out. Previously I’ve been using cello drones playing different scales and chord structures over but this works even better. For soprano I doubt anything could beat this, it even works for alto if you transpose and use the proper register.

Frank S.
Germany Germany

Soprano Sine Wave

Its an excellent workout, like the one for alto you did before. Maybe you should do one for tenor too. (I tried the one for soprano for tenor, that’s ok too.) Best wishes Frank

andrew b.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great tuning exercise thankyou. do you have any quartertonal exercises?

Hi Nick Been following your channel for a while. love the material and your way of explaining and delivering content. quality stuff! I was wondering if you have ever looked into doing a comprehensive list of quarter tonal fingerings for soprano sax? been listening to Hayden Chisholm quite a bit recently and really love the way he uses it. found some material on the net for fingurings but nothing really well put together. anyway it a whole world of its own! if you have any material on it be great to hear it. Great videos keep them coming. peace. Andrew

james m.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I think they are a great warm up ex.