Meticulously prepared online video courses for a seamless, stress free jazz improvisation learning journey.

Each one has a different focus and learning goal - but they all have one thing in common:

Keeping you inspired whilst practicing sometimes profound and challenging jazz theory!

My most advanced, all-level online video courses & downloadable courses

These courses are the `flagship´ Resources of Jazzduets, tested and tried by many and constantly improved. You should enroll if:

• You play an instrument and want the solid and broad musical foundationneeded to improvise Jazz and Blues
• You are hungry to know and practice the secret exotic jazz notes the greats use
• You are looking for a tried and tested study method that will take you closer to your goals
• You are looking for an abundance of material to keep you busy for literally years
• You are looking for a deep dive in to the secrets of learning improvisation

Handcrafted Video & Online Courses for better Jazz improvisation!

Smoke on the Water - exercises/associated resources

The 4 notes of the Iconic Rock Classic provide us with enormous practice resources!


 Included in the digital download are the following files as seen in the YouTube video: (PDF format for C, Bb and Eb instruments)

1) The catchy Charles Mingus  "Boogie Stop Shuffle" blues  that features the Deep Purple riff notes to such great effect.

2) The Police 'Mother' Blues in 7/8 time that also features these same 4 notes in a different, more angular order, challenging 

3) The "Peter Gunn" theme by Mancini that again features these notes.

4)  The Triad Pair lines shown in the video + Mp3 play along drone

5) The Iconic riff harmonised multiply times with cool Jazz chords notated fully for Piano in Bass and Treble clef + chord symbols.

6) The Jazz classic “Night in Tunisia’s” first 8 bars that features the same tritone sub V chord  as seen in Smoke on the Water + harmonic explanation.

7) The cool Jazz phrases built on just these 4 notes + Mp3  funky Rhodes play along

8) The "Eternal Blues" scale as seen on the video ascending + descending!!!

9) The 3 ’new’ Blues scales in the video: "Hybrid Blues", "Bebop Blues" + "Super Blues" + practice lines that feature these notes to help you assimilate the sounds

10) The Mp4 Video  "Deep Purple - Exercises + Associated Resources"

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