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Sine Wave Tuning Exercises for Trumpet/Clarinet

"There are few things worse for a performer than to be  preoccupied with tuning- it can really distract and undermine self confidence- ruining the enjoyable experience of playing music"

Metronomes have been used for almost 200 years by musicians to help train them to play in time.

The Sine Wave Tuning Exercises are a unique System that successfully offer a pitch equivalent.

Extremely slow exercises are generated using a pure Sine Wave. The Player matches the exact pitch eliminating any 'beats'. Areas of poor intonation can easily be identified and remedied. Pitch Awareness becomes sensitised with sustained use.

The download for Alto Sax Download includes:

The  Pdf booklet of the 12 exercises + 12 Mp3 Audio  files that can be used daily to help train you to play perfectly in  tune (or as close as any instrument can!)

The exercises have been written especially to provide the most ideal Tuning  'workout' whilst being musical and expanding the ear! (each exercise spans 2 Octaves)

You play along with the super slow perfectly in tune MP3  Sine Waves- giving you time to match your tuning.

There is no place to hide!

You will easily identify which notes are the most problematic on your instrument

and can now work how to best to resolve them-  wether to use

faster air stream, a better fingering, more relaxed throat, improved tongue position,

different mouthpiece!, etc


My advice is to use these as daily practice warm ups -

to approach them like a meditation. Just a couple a day, but EVERY DAY!