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Pizza Blues method digital download


Introducing the Pizza Blues Method: a groundbreaking and unparalleled resource that delves into the intricate world of musical expression.

This method stands as the definitive guide in its category, uniquely devoted to unraveling the profound concept that each individual note played over a chord conveys a distinct and evocative emotion.

The innovative method starts at the heart of the matter, by building a firm foundation and familiarity with the CORE Blues sounds.

It then leads you on an expedition  through the spicier flavours of the b3rd, b7th, and b5. The journey culminates in the exploration of more exotic and intricate elements like the Jazzy b9, #5, and even includes the unexpected  Major 7th, adding a sophisticated flair to your musical repertoire.

By immersing yourself in specially curated play-alongs and meticulously crafted solos, you will effortlessly nurture your auditory perception and dexterity. This will cultivate an intimate familiarity with the 'secret' blues notes that maestros employ to infuse their solos with emotion and Soul.

Simultaneously, the method serves as a means to enhance your technical prowess, resulting in a harmonious blend of skill and feeling!


  •  70+ Blues Choruses full of Classic Jazz/Blues vocabulary
  •  Specially recorded Play alongs in multiple keys and styles!
  •  Step by Step guaranteed method to learn the Blues once and for all!
  •  Superb reading resource for teaches and students alike
  •  Pdf’s in Concert, Bb, Eb, Bass clef and Guitar tabbed.
  •  suitable for all levels: beginner, intermediate and even advanced