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No 1 Jazz solo You need to know - High Society - Sidney Bechet download

Why is Sidney Bechet's solo in "High Society" considered to be one of the most fundamental for any student of Jazz to learn?

Let's explore the reasons:

  1. Harmonic Progression Mastery: Sidney Bechet's solo on "High Society" is truly remarkable due to his mastery of the  harmony. Playing this solo provides an excellent opportunity to learn and internalise this need to know chord progression
  2. Clear Chord Tracing: The solo brilliantly and succinctly traces the notes of the individual chords, showcasing Bechet's exceptional ability to navigate and highlight the underlying harmony of the piece with remarkable clarity.
  3. Technical Challenge: This solo presents a challenging workout for any musician, making it a milestone achievement that every player can aspire to conquer.
  4. Foundation of Knowledge: Not only does the solo display musical virtuosity, but it also serves as an invaluable foundation upon which aspiring musicians can build their knowledge and understanding of jazz improvisation.

In summary, Sidney Bechet's "High Society" solo is lauded as Colossal, Mighty as it has the potential to enrich a player's knowledge and skills in the world of jazz music.

    Included in the download:

    1. Pdf Transcription of Solo (4 versions - Concert, Bb, Eb and Bass clef)
    2. Bar by Bar meticulous analysis of the solo
    3.  Slow and fast Jazz duets  recorded demonstrations 
    4. Mp3 of Bechet´s version

    This Colossal, Mighty, Majestic solo is

    Suitable for Beginners and Intermediate Students of Jazz improvisation